Authentic PoochieBells Saving Spot Rescue & Adopt Program Classic Housetraining Dog Doorbells – Coral

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The original veterinarian and breeder recommended dog doorbell, PoochieBells since 2005. Individually handcrafted in the USA for your pooch family. Easily and quickly train your dog to ring PoochieBells at potty time. Great for any age or size dog, instructional booklet included with each PoochieBells. Saving Spot Collection gives back to dogs and organizations in need. For every Saving Spot PoochieBells sold in this collection, Poochie-Pets donates new collars/leashes to non-profit pet organiza

  • Veterinarian, breeder and trainer endorsed for easy communication at potty time. No more barking, scratching or waiting by the door.
  • Proudly the original individually handcrafted dog doorbell since 2005. 100% craftsmanship guarantee.
  • Two sets of authentic PoochieBells insignia bells are lead free USA made, small openings making for paw friendly ringing and just the right amount of ring to be heard by all family members in your household.
  • Easy instruction booklet included, 95% PoochieBells method success rate for any age dog or breed. Get your pooch ringing in days.
  • The Saving Spot collection donates collars/leashes to non-profit pet organizations in need of supplies for each Saving Spot PoochieBells sold. Our designs proudly support adoption and rescue organizations throughout the USA.