Do Cat Beds Let Your Cat Sleep in Comfort?

Sleeping cat on cat bed

Anyone who values their home comforts will know how important it is to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Well it is the same with cat beds. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep, chances are you will wake up tired and irritable

Many People Do Not Know That Milk is Not a Good Food for Cats

Picture by Gracey of MorgurFile –


We all need food and water to survive, and so do cats. We only need milk when we are babies – or kittens – and our mother’s milk is best. Yet people continue to drink milk and feed it to their cats and kittens, along with

Essential Toys for Dogs to Keep Them Happy

Happy dog with toy

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Dogs, like children, do get bored, which is one of the reasons we buy toys for our dogs. Another reason is that toys may be used to increase the amount of physical exercise dogs get.

Of course you can use existing items, like sticks or pine cones, to keep dogs occupied, but these can damage a

How to Care For Your Dog


Anyone who buys a dog as a pet has a serious responsibility to look after the animal. While it does not take that much work to keep a dog healthy and happy, as the owner of the animal, you must be aware of the responsibilities they involve. After all, dogs cannot look after themselves.

Think about how you care for yourself or the people who are close to you. You:

  • keep clean,
  • eat,
  • make sure your health needs are taken care of, and
  • if you get sick or have an accident, you make sure they get the assistance that is needed.

If you can’t do this for your dog, don’t even consider getting one. And if you have one already

How To Help Your Pets Avoid the Threat of Fleas

dogs and cats and fleas

Pet owners love their four-legged friends. In fact, many are considered a part of the family. However, one thing that dog and cat lovers hate are the fleas that ultimately find their way onto their beloved pet and into the home.

“Protecting your dog from fleas is an important part of

How to Bath a Cat

Two cats in a bath

It is not so easy to get cats into a bath when there is water in the bath. Picture by Penny Swift


Cats are fastidious creatures that generally keep themselves perfectly clean. But there may be times when you need to bath a cat, for example when it is infested with fleas or ticks or when the animal has gotten itself into trouble and is really filthy. Washing cats can also help to reduce shedding, which is especially useful for long-haired varieties.

While many people never bother to wash their cats, many others do, as the wide selection of special cat shampoos bears credence to.

So how do you go about washing a cat? This is a tricky one to answer. But there’s one single comment that most of us who have done it will say, usually with great conviction. With difficulty!

The problem is that cats don’t like to be immersed in water. I think they might like the idea of water, but they do not particularly like to sit in it. I have a gorgeous black and white tomcat who has moments (sometimes months apart) when he insists on being with me when I bath. What he does is to sit on the side and then pat the water wherever he can see a toe, a knee or a finger. He doesn’t care if his paws get wet, and just loves to make human contact. He will also creep up to the top of the bath and give me a lick on my forehead, or pat my hair with his paw.

Basics of Dog Training

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are notoriously hard to train. Having owned one I know from experience. Picture by Nena12 of Morgue Files

Any sort of dog training starts with basic discipline. If you do this correctly then you will have a well-mannered adult dog. If you don’t, you are likely to have a dog that is pushy, jumps up at people, begs from the table, sleeps on your furniture, digs up plants in your garden, messes in the house, and possibly even bites.

Disciplining a puppy

Whether you are disciplining a child or a puppy, the most important thing to remember is that when you say “no” you need to mean “no”. Consistency is absolutely vital.

The first time you see your new pup doing something he or she shouldn’t be doing you need to start the discipline. This might mean the puppy is chewing something, pooping in the house, going somewhere that is a prohibited area, or digging in the garden … anything that you do not want the dog to do.

Often a loud “no” will do the trick. Puppies don’t like loud noises and they will quickly link “no” to discipline. You can also use other phrases, like “look away” if dogs stare at you when you are eating, for example. It’s probably more the tone of voice, but it’s a phrase they pick up very quickly.

Not all puppies respond immediately to voice training however, and smacks then become the order of the day. While you don’t want to beat an animal, a firm smack with your hand, or better still with a rolled up

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