Automatic Dog Waterer 5.0 Gallons by Critter Concepts. The Dog Water Dispenser that is virtually indestructible, used by dog daycares and dog pros. The last automatic water bowl that you will buy.

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Dog water dispenser 5.0 gallons by Critter Concepts is an automatic, gravity feed dog waterer . This large capacity water dispenser is easy to fill because it fills from the top. No need to lift and invert a heavy plastic jug. And it is easy to move, rolling on 3 inch locking wheels. Child and senior friendly you can just roll the critter cooler to the water source, fill, and roll back out to the dog run, porch or yard. Includes FDA approved, food grade containers made in the USA with no BPA. Th

  • Dog Water Dispenser in, 3.5, 5.0 and 6.5 gallon sizes
  • Automatic Dog Waterer that is Doggie daycare and rescue tested and approved.
  • Rolls on 3 inch locking wheels. This automatic dog water bowl is easy to use for kids and seniors.
  • Easy to clean, this dog water fountain uses an FDA approved, food grade water container. Made in USA
  • Virtually indestructible, this may be the last automatic dog waterer that you will ever buy.