Brinsea TLC-50 Eco for better brooding of exotic birds. Altricial species of birds (including all parrots and birds of prey) are blind and helpless when they hatch and it is some weeks before they are able to move around, control their body...

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Prevue Pet Products Lincoln bird cage Black 110B comes completely assembled with all-welded, unibody cage construction and a baked enamel finish. Clear plastic seed guards slip into integrated corner brackets to help contain mess. Perfect your...

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Some assembly required. Large Wrought iron construction, Safe Non-toxic powder coated finish, Large Size: 30" x 17.5" x 38.5" H2 Stainless Steel Bowls With Wood PerchFour screw-in casters for easy mobilityRemovable bottom tray for easy...

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Features: 100% brand new, high quality. Stainless steel fruit holder. Easy to clean, convenient for you to use many times. Easy Fixing. Specifications: Material: Stainless steel Size: S£ºLength 12cm Size: L£ºLength 20cm Color: Silver Hook: 3cm...

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Kaytee exact Rainbow Large Parrot food is a premium extruded food and has been the recognized nutritional leader by avian nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders since its introduction over 25 years ago. Each nugget contains "exact nutrition"...

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Why Parrot need the toy? First of all,in the wild, most parrots are gregarious, they spend a lot of time to foraging and avoiding the enemy. However, once the parrot was domesticated, because there is no such worries, and have more free time.most...

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DescriptionThis item is a bird leash, which is adopts steel wire inside the leash, bite-proof and durable use. With a little patience and a lot of treats, nearly any bird can be trained to wear it and many will come to associate the sight of it,...

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Grizzly Joint Aid Formula contains five hip and joint ingredients to support the hip and joint health in your dog. It contains the optimal levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to be less harsh on your dog's digestive system. Grizzly Krill...

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This clear samll cage feeder is made from acrylic. Adorable, delicate appearance foraging feeder, both for fun and can have the effect of exercise, both molars effect, make your pet life more comfortable and happy. Specification: Brand new...

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The SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Cage is High quality and brand new,Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable Equipped with four wheels for easy to move and two of them are lockable to avoid accidental move. The plastic tray on the bottom can be slide...

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Accessories in this Wooden Bird Cages: 1 Left Perch. 1 Center Perch. 2 Cup Stand. 2 Loop Perch. 2 Banana Stand. This is famous bird cage from Southern of Thailand.Our Craftman has elaborate on the details.Made From Khao-Dam Wooden.Body is...

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These for Catit Design Senses Fountains and Catit Flower Fountains provide clean, fresh water to your pet. The external polyester layer on each filter captures hair and debris, the charcoal remove odors and eliminates bad taste while the ion...

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Easy to clip on, the fully adjustable clip collar is colorful and durable and will help keep your dog safe and secure; there are multiple patterns available to choose from, matching leashes are sold separately, please visit our amazon store to...

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OurPets Real Birds wands, made for fun and frolic with premium North American catnip helps cats and cat owners bond, indulges instincts and provides exercise with a dangling bird that squeaks as it's batted and chirps as it bounces. Wands chirp...

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Feature: Size: 9* 5.5 inch Made of Natural Loofah Grass,it is safe for bird Fun to play and chew relieves boredom and increases activity level An ideal toy designed for your little friends to chew, easy install in the cage. This is your pet...

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DESCRIPTION: The ultrasonic frequency is not harmful to pets and completely inaudible to human ears. The sensitive microphone isolates and picks up barking up to 50 feet away to solve your dog's or your neighbor's dog's disturbing barking...

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Volume: 200ml/ 6.8 oz Opening width: 1.5cm/ 0.6 inch Overall height: 13cm/ 5.1 inch, Diameter: 8cm/3.1 inch FeaturesMade with high quanlity plastic Easy to install and remove Safety and health,strong and durable. Hanging in the cages, It can be...

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Description: Letter chew toys: 30g (color random) Drawbridge stairs toy: 140 g A great gift for your pet, your pet will like it very much. Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment. Your bird will benefit from hours of mental...

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Features: Easy to adjust and remove for cleaning Smooth rolled edge Material: Stainless steel Size:5.4*5cm(2.13*1.97inch). Package Included: 1 x Stainless steel cup SKU:G01626 Easy to adjust and remove for cleaningSmooth rolled edgeMaterial:...

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Distressed White Victorian Birdhouse This quaint Victorian home has four perches with four entrances all leading to one central room. Painted in the "shabby elegance" style with a distressed white finish and gingerbread trim to add an heirloom...

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100% brand new and high quality Features: Reusable, durable, practical, good elasticity. Colorful, beautiful, elastic, your pets will surely enjoy it . Suits for hamsters, rats, parrots A great gift for your pet, your pet will like it very much. ...

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*For stress-related feather plucking, feather picking & feather mutilation. Featherplucking stops. Feathers stay! Alternative to a vet's collar *For stress induced problems: anxiety, fear, nervousness, separation anxieties *For phobias such as...

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Description: 1piecesp bird nest, 2pieces artificial birds and 5pieces bird eggs set Each nest is not completely identical, there are differences manual Each nest one is unique, it's a good choice to costume small jewelry, small animals as...

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Material: made of premium iron frame, ABS tray and solid wood perchFinish: coated with spraying powder paint in silver anthracite finishWheels: features with 4 durable swivel casters for easy mobilityCarefully packaged: with 5-layer corrugated...

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Up for sale is One FeathreEx Parrot Shipping Box(One Wire Mesh Cage with One FeatherEx Premier Box). Ship parrot type birds with reusable and collapsible wire cage inside. Medium to small parrot and parrot like birds that are less likely to...

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Specification Color: aspicture Material: Plush Type A: 8.6* 5.5* 7inches inches, for Budgies Parakeet Cockatiels Lovebird Finch and other small birds Type B: 11* 6.2* 10 inches,for Cockatoo Conure Macaw African Grey Parrot and other medium large...

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Plastic split leg rings. Simple to apply & easy to remove and re-use. Use them to keep different breeds apart, mark suspected cockerels, seperating hatches. Inner diameter: 8mm. Outer diameter: 12mm. Height: 7mm. Color: Pink,...

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Size-S : Approx. 9CM/3.54"Size-M : Approx. 10CM/3.93"Size-L : Approx. 11CM/4.33"Size-XL : Approx. 12CM/4.73" Suitable for macaw African greys budgies and other similar bird ,also for ferrets, rat, hamster, chinchillas , guinea pig and other small...

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We know how it feels coming home to an accidents caused by your little family member - your loving pet. They did not mean to do it - it just happened. Sunny & Honey Professional Stain and odor Eliminator battles even the toughest jobs caused pets!...

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5 Pcs Sugar Glider Hamster Squirrel Chinchillas Small Pet Light Brown Log Cage Set Forest Pattern, Polar Bear's RepublicDescriptions: Key Product Features · Forest Pattern with Hanging Log · Made of velvet fabric to prevent Sugar Glider or...

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Balanced nutrition for health and reproduction in breeding birds. Proper balance of nutrients helps keep breeding stock healthy and productive. Less waste and labor than feeding fruits, vegetables and seed. Balanced nutrition for health and...

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Size:39x27cm(LxW) Material:Grass Perfect design for rabbit or small animals and suitable for chewing It can keep your pet warm Package:3Pcs Size:39x27cm(LxW)Material:GrassPerfect design for rabbit or small animals and suitable for chewingIt can...

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This new Corner Open Playtop Parrot Cage features: Unique designed parrot cage. Full length access door. Swing out feeder doors. Removable trays and grates. Separation between lower grate and pan (bird may not access pan). Top pan and grate may be...

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