When quality determines the choice, the choice is clear: SeaClear. No one can match the quality of SeaClear's virtually invisible seams, which are backed up by the industry's most extensive warranty. For the discerning aquarist for whom nothing...

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Features --The largest feature of this led aquarium light is Dimmable and Crytal Lens. --Two separate dimmers, power cords, on/off switches to control the blue and white channel, adjust the light intensity in your tank, simulating sun-set,...

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This Upgraded Colorful Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquarium tank. Helps algae to grow more luxuriant and makes your aquatic plants have vivid color and adds ornamental value to your aquariums tank. ...

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Want to create a unique effect of an erupting volcano for your aquarium? The kit includes a resin volcano ornament, an air stone, a power adapter and a Red LED spotlight. Which can add a beautiful extra effect of overflowing lava and increases...

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The AquaClear 50 Power Filter provides mechanical, chemical and biological filtration through its multi-stage filtration system. Filtration volume is up to 7 times larger than comparable Filters. Its unique design filters aquarium water through a...

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The fully submersible and oil-free wave maker will revitalized your aquarium and to eliminate dead spots. Improve oxygenation as well as to let your fishes, corals and other aquatics enjoy a vital and energetic ocean-like circumstance. No more...

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JJMG NEW 4-Outlet Aquarium Air Pump High Energy Saving Air Aquarium For Fish Tank is stable performance, ideal for medium-sized to large fish tank and widely used in hydroponic systems. It is also perfectly suitable for using at all kinds of...

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Micranthemum Monte-Carlo can be compared with the very popular Hemianthus Calitrichoides, in that the leaves look very similar and it carpets very well too. Micranthemum Monte-Carlo leaves are slightly bigger, ranging from 5mm-10mm. It is a bright...

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Description: - UV lamp with strong effect of sterilization,ultraviolet ray transmitting rate of more than 93%. - Waterproof Level: IP68 - Life keep up to 10,000 hours or more. - Quartz tube & high-quality rubber parts & with strong sucker to firm...

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Two handles design, portable Air inlet makes ventilation convenient Designed with 2 openings, big one on the top and small one at the side Suitable for turtles, fishes, and other small reptiles under 10cm length Size: M: 25.5*22*20cm L: 28*18*20cm...

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Almost 53% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to surveys conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Approximately 25% of overweight dogs develop serious joint complications. And extra weight places extra...

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Get your aquarium off to the right start with the preventative care of API STRESS COAT, API STRESS ZYME and the complete and balanced nutrition of API TROPICAL FLAKES Fish Food. API STRESS COAT treats your tap water, and provides a safe...

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Acurel Ammonia Reducing Media Pads are durable polyfiber pads infused with special ammonia-absorbing particles to pull ammonia from aquarium or pond water. Ammonia, the leading killer of tropical fish, is the result of fish waste and decomposing...

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Our CS team will answer all the emails from you,if you have any problem about our product or the purchased order.Welcome to my store! Nice day!Description:100% brand new and high qualitySimulation resin wreck.Enhance more beautiful look for your...

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Promote Gas Exchange GOOBAT Aquarium LED Bubble Wand can help keep your pet's habitat in top condition with this LED Light Bubble Wall. It also helps to promote gas exchange, which will keep your underwater habitat in top condition. deal for...

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Package Content : 10 x Aquarium Plant Offers the natural environment feeling and adds beauty and liveness to your fish tank.The plastic foliage cleans easily with warm waterWeighted base keeps plants in placeMaterial: plasticSafe for both fresh...

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Detail: Length: Magnetic Aquarium Glass Cleaner. Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Siphon Vacuum for Water Changing and Sand Cleaner: 62 InchFish Net Why to choose our product: Three sets aquarium tank cleaners with low price and high quality. Including:...

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Many aquarium hobbyists have already fallen in love with a Tropical Miracle Leaf popularly known as the Indian Almond Leaf or Termionalia Catappa. Mini Catappas by SunGrow comes in 100 pcs per pack and can be used to beautify your tank and create...

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100% Made in the USA, I've been using this Brand for 30 years. Quality Product - Does not have the self starting valve on this, it is manual Siphon. - 42" Flexible tubing. Easy to use and easy to clean up after With the easy to start water flow...

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The Marina Slim Filter Carbon Plus Ceramic Cartridge combines activated carbon and Ceramitek in one cartridge for a healthy aquarium. The activated carbon effectively removes pollutants and odors, while the Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic...

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These quality pine stands and canopies are constructed entirely of solid wood. Each stand and Canopy is stained and finished with a waterproofing sealer that will protect them from splashes and other water damage. Canopies are available with Full...

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Wall mount fish bowl. Great choice for those who love to have a pet fish, but don't have enough countertop or table space to put it. This fish bowl is made of acrylic, which is stronger than glass and doesn't easily shatter. It also weighs less...

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Aquatic Experts fine mesh drawstring filter media bags are customized for optimal flow with all aquarium and pond filtration products including granular activated carbon, peat fiber, pellets, resins and any type of biological or chemical...

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Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters and cartridges were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Our patented designs include unique features to enhance water quality and clarity, increase oxygen levels and lessen noise. Aqueon QuietFlow Power...

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The Tiger Oscar is a color variation of Astronotus ocellatus Oscar. It is also known as the Marble Cichlid or the Velvet Cichlid and is a colorful addition to a large aquarium. The Tiger Oscar has a blue-black background with an orange-red...

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The integrated 24-hour timer makes it easy to control the three independent channels: Bright white, sparkling blue and color enhancing LEDs for maximum beauty. Each BioCube also includes automatic 30 minute sunrise/sunset and 60 minute...

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Features:Use low voltage dc 12 v working voltage, safe and won't cause any harm to people or fish. Using high density bubble tube, gas evenly and with sufficient oxygen. Adds a whole new decorative dimension to any aquarium. Each unit use a low...

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All-in-one fertilizer Super concentrated Both micro/macro nutrients For low/high-tech setups Easy to dose pump design 500mL treats 2500 gallons Thrive is an easy to dose, super concentrated all-in-one liquid fertilizer. It is based on an...

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Food Sticks™ are a complete, nutritionally balanced formulation, developed for carnivorous fish whose main diet of live food tends to cause nutritional deficiencies. Using Food Sticks™ instead of live foods reduces the chance of infection from...

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The Beamworks Freshwater Full Spectrum (FSPEC) LED fixture provides a high quality, energy efficient light fixture that replaces the typical single tube fluorescent light. Fixture is pre-installed with 10000K, Actinic 460nm, Red 620nm, and Green...

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Description Coming Soon 064992502256 ACANA Freshwater Fish Dog Food is Loaded with Rainbow trout from Idaho, whole Blue catfish from Kentucky, and wild Yellow perch from the Great LakesACANA food is a natural and delicious way to keep your dog...

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This stainless steel scraper is specialized in scraping removing algae in aquarium tank. With special design, it can help you easily clean your fish tank. This aquarium algae scraper is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and...

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If your fishes are acting odd or if you notice the condition of your aquarium plants stay stagnant or deteriorate, perhaps your CO2 diffuser needs a good cleaning. If you don't clean them regularly, over time, whole slews of dirty debris can block...

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