Specification: Type: LED Aquarium Light Material: ABS plastic Length: 6.3-21.7in/6.30" LED source:  6/9/12/18/21 LED Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz Total power: 1.3W Power cable length:5.6ft/1.7mFeatures: 1.The lamp tube is fixed by sucker,can be...

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New Aqua Air Lighting The newest Aqua Air LED aquarium lighting is combining the cool smart controller, 11mm super thin unibody design. Power of 24W, 48W, 72W and 96W for choices, great for reef and planted tank. Aqua Air 900 Item No.: AA-900...

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Create a new focal point in your room with the Ameriwood Home Harbor 50 - 75 Gallon Aquarium Stand. This dark espresso Aquarium Stand is made of laminated MDF and particleboard and is the perfect way to show off your aquarium. The Aquarium Stand...

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◎Item Description: ♥100% brand new and high quality. ♥Material: Plastic ♥Color: Blue feeding ring with black suction cup. ♥Round Size: 98 x 81 x 33mm (3.86" x 3.19" x 1.3") ♥Square Size: 98 x 81 x 33mm (3.86" x 3.19" x 1.3")...

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10 pack of 3-4 inch "A" quality select butterfly koi. You will receive 10 hand selected "A" quality butterfly koi that are three to four inches in length. These koi will be recognizable breeds like Kohaku, Sanke , Hi bekko, Asagi, Shusui,...

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Description:This aquatic plant tools holder made of high quality acrylic, strong in corrosion resistance, durability, lasting for years.This holder is for keeping the maintenance tools such as plant tweezers and scissors etc. all in one place,...

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Crystal Orb is the first application of this patented nanomaterial US 9574136 B2 in ornamental culture (as featured in www.kickstarter.com/projects/37223582/crystal-orb-nanomaterial-water-clarifier).. The unique water clarifying features of...

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WELCOME TO MAINAM AQUATIC PLANT : We are specialize in aquatic plants. With our experience, We have a plenty selection of live aquarium plants, premium quality, reasonable price and fantastic service. We use high technology, facility and equipment...

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The Poly Filter's unique chemical filtration properties offer advantages for the beginner fish owner and the experienced aquarist. Poly Filter does what other filters simply cannot when it comes to the removal of medication and antibiotics. Avoid...

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Part of being a great pet owner is providing a thriving environment. Tetra Aquatic Turtle Deluxe Kit includes the essentials needed to get started with your new turtle. Also great for frogs and newts, this 20-gallon terrarium environment with...

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Unlike other Organic Fish Oils, which leave your Dog with stinky breath and diarrhea, SavvyBeast Unscented and Pure Fish Oil can barely be detected by a human's nose, but Dogs still Love the Taste. Our Alaska Salmon Oil has been tested and proven...

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For many people, their first experience in the aquatic hobby is with a betta. These habitats no longer need to be a simple bowl. Aqueon offers LED lighting inside a betta habitat that is attractive, stylish and will get a beginner or experienced...

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Rite-Size C fits Penguin 200B, 350B, 330B, and 170B.Rite-Size B fits Penguin 150B, 110B, and 125B.Rite Size C fits Penguin 200B, 350B, 170B, and 330B. A perfect fit for every filterMeets the highest standards of water purification and operational...

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When quality determines the choice, the choice is clear: SeaClear. No one can match the quality of SeaClear's virtually invisible seams, which are backed up by the industry's most extensive warranty. For the discerning aquarist for whom nothing...

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Aquarium Suppliers LLC is the official agent of Landen Aquarium in North America. Landen 111004 is a fish tank which can provide a small beautiful elegant aquarium in your life. The tank is made of heavy duty thick 6 mm low iron glass is features...

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The Elide aqua duo 20 is a stunning Glass aquarium will fit into any room in the home. The filter is designed to allow you to choose between standard cartridge or aquaponics filtration. Aquaponics filtration allows you to filter the aquarium...

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Wired Remote Control Features • On/Off/Dimming of white and blue LEDs together or independently • Three fade modes for cloud cover effects • Two lunar light modes • Two storm modes with lightning and cloud cover effects • Dusk mode for...

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ANLEO is a American registered brand, all of our products are directly shipped from USA. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us, we're glad to at you service The artificial aquarium plants decorate your fish tank into a...

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Tree Trunk Decor Hygger 5 holes hollow tree trunk resin aquarium ornament is hand painted, very detailed and realistic, a wonderful addition to your aquariums, to create a nature landscape underwater and also help make more funs for your small...

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The Penn Plax Granite Stone Replica Aquarium Decorations offers visual interest to your tank while reducing fish stress. This 8 piece set has the realistic look of granite rocks with their rounded shape in shades of black and white. This aquarium...

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The Aqueon Pro Heaters are built with a durable, non-corrosive shell for strength and even heat distribution. They have electronic thermostats for accurate temperature settings and safety. LED power indicator light turns red when unit is heating...

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The Slim S10 Power Filter's unique design is compact and slim, thus reducing space behind your aquarium. The filter comes equipped with an adjustable flow control so you can control the water flow level in your tank. The Slim S10 Power Filter's...

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Unmatched Quality from Lightahead -This is the Original LED Jellyfish Lamp artificial aquarium from Lightahead. Product Features -Round in shape with black base. -Beautiful Life-like Jellyfish. -Realistic Tranquil, peaceful, soothing...

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Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems. Includes chrome air manifold, ranging from four to sixteen outlets. Cylinders and pistons are made of excellent materials, making the pump strong, durable. Convenient...

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Description:Material: Stainless Steel.With excellent flexibility and will never rust.Suitable for fresh and marine aquarium; great for planting and trimming water plant. Easy and convenient to use.Indispensable tools for your plant tank...

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Tom Tominaga Oscar ATOBL10RPET Plastic Bowl Round, 1 Gallon Fill with fresh flowers, silk flowers, potpourri, glass beads or decorative marblesPerfect for home decor, weddings, crafting and centerpiecesManufactured of shatterproof plastic, unlike...

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How do I use the moss to create a moss wall or carpet? With three simple steps, you can create a lush green backdrop or moss floor in your aquarium. You will need plastic mesh, scissors, suction cups, fishing thread or cotton thread, and of...

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This refractometer is the best way to measure salinity and specific gravity of aquarium water. This instrument is very affordable and can be used to monitor the conditions of reef tanks and saltwater aquariums. How to Use: Using the pipette that...

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The hydor professional 600 aquarium external 345gph filter is a complete eco-system in a box. All the biological, mechanical and chemical filtration that any environment requires for a healthy and long-lived aquatic experience. From the easy...

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Marina ecoscaper silk plants are the perfect way to enhance your aquatic environment. Besides providing comfort to your aquatic pets, these beautiful plants are realistic with fade-resistant colors and are soft to the touch. The marina ecoscaper...

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Product Description Though not the original Juwel Nitrate foam but of high quality and made with the same materials compare with the genuine Juwel Foam. Non-branded foam but suitable for Juwel Compact / Compact H / Bioflow 3.0 Filtration System....

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Lee's 6-inch Slim Jr. Ultra Gravel Vacuum Cleaner is self-starting and designed to separate debris from gravel and remove it from the aquarium during routine water changes. Also features a self-start cap assembly and a 72-inch long vinyl...

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Unmatched Quality from Lightahead - Leaders in Artificial Aquariums -This is the Artificial Aquarium from Lightahead - Sold around the globe for many years. Allow Yourself to be Immersed in the Peace & Calm of the Ocean -The Lightahead...

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