This coral ornament is great decor for your fish tank which is made from non-toxic plastic material. Each plant has a weighted base for holding it in the gravel bed.Note: 1.Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's...

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Lots Aquarium Plant Seeds Aquatic Double Leaf Carpet Water Grass Fish Tank Decor Features: 100% Brand New and High Quality Glossostigma elatinoides seed, very easy to grow, no need of CO2, nor strong light 10 days to grow up, keeps 2-5cm high...

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Protect you air pump by preventing aquarium water from back siphoning during a power outage. Place in your airline tubing between your air pump and aquarium water to prevent water returning down the air line. Product name : air check valve; use...

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Description : External 4+1 stage canister filter with built in UV sterilizer. Filter is capable of handling up to 525 gallons per hour with 4 flexible media trays that allow you to add your media of choice. The HW-304B has a built in 9 Watt UV...

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Don't let its size fool you. The Fluval Sea EVO packs the same performance features as a tank several times its size, but is small enough to fit on any desk or counter top. A super bright 14000 K LED provides optimal conditions for healthy coral...

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Description : External 3+1 stage canister filter with built in UV sterilizer. Filter is capable of handling up to 370 gallons per hour with 3 flexible media trays that allow you to add your media of choice. The HW-303B has a built in 9 Watt UV...

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Our most popular Hood is designed to perfectly compliment your All-Glass aquarium. It is custom fit to sit on the inside lip of the aquarium frame, which greatly reduces evaporation. They are designed to fit all major brands of aquariums.They are...

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Lee's Rectangular Kritter Keepers may be used as space-saving aquariums or insect havens, but are also ideal for use as kritter totes, terrariums or nurseries. Rectangular Kritter Keepers have self-locking lids with hinged viewer/ feeder...

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Continuous use, harmless to humans and water Decorative Gravel For Your Fantastic Aquarium or Color: random color Package Included: 10*Glow the StoneMaterial: Photoluminescent pigment + ResinColor: random colorUsage: Absorption of 10-20 minutes...

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AMERICA'S MOST RELIABLE ELECTRONIC PRODUCT BRAND ★ Faster and safer products with our leading KLAREN technology ★ 10 million+ happy users and counting Specifications: ★ Model: AF-2009D ★ Housing: Plastic ★ Type of battery: 2*AA...

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Description: It provides an excellent hiding place for fish The plants are anchored with a ceramic base, so they will stay where they put in the tank They are durable in salt water and sweet They are absolutely safe for the fish and best of all,...

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Mingdak's fish tank litht bar brings the light to the inside of your aquarium. The in-frame mounting allows you to see the light without seeing the fixture . All are fully submersible and come with suction cups to give you endless possibilities on...

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Feed your tropical fish a protein-rich diet scientifically formulated to promote healthy growth and cleaner, clearer water with API TROPICAL FLAKES Optimal Protein Fish Food. Overfeeding, low palatability and low quality lead to unconsumed or...

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Our all-glass 5-1/2-gal aquarium has sides and a bottom of triple-strength, clear glass welded together with silicone rubber. This strong, leakproof aquarium will last for years and is nonreactive with seawater. Top frame is designed for a...

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12" high, plastic coated ceramic base, green plastic plant, easy to clean, etc. Provides an excellent hiding place for fish. Anchored with a weighted base, so it will stay where it has been placed in the tank. Provides a beautiful decoration in...

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IMPORTANT UPDATE ON JULY 15::We have updated the remote to 2.4G remote technolgy, therefore it no longer requests you point the remote straight to the receiver, now the remote can even contral the light through a wall. Please regardless the...

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Keep your cat busy for hours with this fun 7-piece Cat Toys Set featuring an assortment of toys that all cats will want to play with. Set includes a rainbow foam ball, a squeaky mouse, a whiffle ball with a bell inside, a clear ball with a...

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Plecos are well-known algae eaters that originated in the rivers of the Amazon jungle in South America. Plecos attach themselves to hard surfaces with specially adapted mouth parts. They are scavengers and will eat almost anything. Recommended for...

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100% Brand new and high quality Ideal decoration for the fish tank or aquarium Incredibly detailed imitation floating jellyfish Moves by water current in tank Harmless to all fish For both fresh and salt water Attaches by thin invisible line...

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The Guppy is perhaps the most popular freshwater tropical fish species. A great tropical fish for freshwater aquarium fish beginners, the Guppy is a very hardy tropical fish that is also a very prolific breeder. The male guppy is easy to...

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Large White Coral Approx Size: L24cm x W17cm x H31cm (L9.5" x W6.5" x H12.25") Aquarium Artificial Coral Aquatic Ornament Beautifully Detailed Made from Polyresin For Freshwater & Marine Aquariums Large White Stag Horn CoralApprox Size: L24cm x...

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All conscientious aquatic life owners know the importance of regular aquarium cleaning and maintenance; the premium SunGrow Aquarium Gloves make this task easier and more enjoyable. The clever elastic cuffs and the precise length of these...

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Specifications:  ★ Housing: Plastic  ★ Type of battery: 2*AA batteries  ★ Attachment Method: retaining clips or Velcro fixed  Install methods: According to the form of the tank, there are two installation methods feeder. ★ Edge of...

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Cobalt Marine Omni flake is a powerful blend for all marine fish. Highly palatable formula helps finicky marine fish to eat prepared foods. Packed with squid, salmon and krill proteins, and spirulina for consistent growth and superior color for...

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Buyer will receive a plant as on second display pictures. It is a sample from our merchandise stock. All our plants pass USDA requirement. Imported from ThailandHelp to improve Aquarium environment and Fish's HealthAll order will be carefully...

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Our CS team will answer all the emails from you,if you have any problem about our product or the purchased order. Features:100% brand new and high qualityOxygen, improve the living environment of fishHigh quality rubber leather bowl and diaphragm,...

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Specifications: Color of the Light: White & Blue Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz LED Quantity: 12 LEDs (8 white + 4 blue) Cable Length: 1.5M Output: DC20V 0.5A Power: 9W Hood: 11 in L x 4.1 in W x 1.4 in H Hood w/ Brackets Extend: 19.5 in L x 4.1 in W...

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Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters feature four stages of filtration – mechanical, chemical, biological and wet/dry – for the cleanest, clearest, healthiest water. Higher flow rates ensure higher dissolved oxygen content for healthier, more...

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The Aqua-Mist Air Stone Baris a fine mist aerator that allows more oxygen in the tank and enables your fish to breath better. Air Stone measures 12. Aqua-Mist Air Stone is a green colored aerator when added to an aquarium it produces a better...

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Complete KoiDiet spring & fall floating fish food pellets are designed for easy digestion and to help maintain optimum fish health at the beginning and end of the season when water temperatures are coolest. It includes natural vegetable and...

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Why is lighting important for aquariums In its most basic role, aquarium lighting allows hobbyists to observe aquarium inhabitants. But more importantly, proper aquarium lighting provides vital energy to photosynthetic plants and fishes. Proper...

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The EcoQube C is the lowest maintenance desktop aquarium currently available. This small fish tank uses a Basil plant as part of the aquaponics filter to purify aquarium water. With this, you never have to change the filters or the aquarium...

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"made tremendous difference in the clarity of my reef water" "these filter socks are excellent" "these are superb" Do You Want The Best And Longest Lasting Filter Socks? Sure, we all do, but there are countless bags or socks with varying degrees...

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