The Exo Terra Hygrometer monitors humidity levels effectively and easily. The humidity level is an important factor in keeping your reptiles or amphibians healthy and stress free. It is easy to read and install. Maintaining the proper temperature...

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Vionate Vitamin Mineral Powder is the leading vitamin mineral powder for pets. Vionate contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals. Helps prevent rickets. Used by breeders, zoos, wildlife reserves and pet stores to improve overall nutrition for a...

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Looking for feeder crickets that won't show up dead? Then Josh's Frogs 1" Adult Banded Crickets are perfect for you! Josh's Frogs 1" Adult Banded Crickets are banded crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus), which we've found ship much better than other...

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The Exo Terra Snake Cave is ideal for snakes and lizards, and makes the perfect addition to your terrarium. The Exo Terra Snake Cave provides a proper hiding area, which is an essential feature of the natural terrarium. Without a safe hideout and...

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The incubator has a transparent door and interior lighting to easily monitor the incubation and hatching process. Unlike conventional incubators, the Exo Terra Incubator automatically starts cooling when the temperature exceeds the set incubation...

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Description: Overall dimensions:46.8"L X 17"W X 39"H. Heavy duty wood construction and top classic design. 2-story with retreat area and ventilated steel wire window. One pull out tray on each level enable owner to have a clean and neat rabbit...

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100011701 Size: 75 Gallons Features: -Terrarium liner. -Bio - degradable enzyme reduces odors. -Absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate reptiles. -Safe - cannot be digested. Product Type: -Bedding & Liners. Reptile: -Amphibian/Bearded...

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Welcome to Tarantulucy, the furry and funny spider costume for pets. Tarantulucy was named after its model Lucy Lu the Frenchie. Lucy loves to dress up and have fun and was our inspiration for this costume. This costume is great for Halloween,...

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48" Metal Halide + T5 + T5 30" is THE reefer's light. A space saving combo unit combines 1x 250W HQI metal halide, 4x 54W White T5 HO lamps. mounting legs, and anodized aluminum housing. Separate power cords for MH and T5. Multiple power switches...

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Plastic Pet Sign High Resolution graphics printed on thick plastic for long lasting signage multiple breeds and images available. Durable Long LastingUV coated to resist sun fadingUse indoors or...

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Natural wood branches vary due to mother nature - each branch is unique; Light weight, sturdy branch is perfect for decoration and reptiles to climb on.It can also used to create moss tree in the fish tank;also, perfect for home garden landscape...

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30" Herpetology Tongs, Cobra Style, Black Oxidized Shaft, Stainless Steel, Trigger Action, External Springs, Hardened Steel Head, PROFESSIONAL QUALITY. Black Oxidized ShaftTrigger ActionStainless SteelExcellent for ReptilesSize: 30"...

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JurassiCal is a concentrated (400,000 ppm) phosphorus free source of calcium for reptiles and amphibians. Herbivorous and carnivorous diets are frequently calcium deficient and phosphorus rich. Thus, it is of no benefit to use a calcium supplement...

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PEDIGREE Puppy Growth and Protection Chicken & Vegetable Flavor Dog Food is formulated to help your pup keep up with the big dogs. This puppy formula is made with DHA for healthy brain development, plus calcium and phosphorus for healthy teeth and...

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Description Change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery. Make your aquarium vividly, add to natural color. Use the simple method decorate and maintenance your aquarium. This rockery is made from polyresin and makes an exciting ornament in any...

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Troubleshooting steps: Aquarium Air pump Installation Instructions: 1. Place the air Pump above the water level as its not submersible pump. 2. Connect to power and start using.(Always make sure the pump is positioned at a dry and safe place)....

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This heat mat is intended to provide a warm bottom area in your reptile's habitat for them to use when they need to digest their food and require warmth for any other reason. You should provide 30 to 50% of the bottom of the tank as a warm area...

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Descriptions: * 360-degree fully adjustable ceramic lamp holder, you can adjust the angle according to situations* Ceramic socket can be used with heater or halogen lamp or other bulb of less than 300W* Suitable for reptiles, amphibians, birds,...

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100011774 Size: 55 Gallons Features: -Terrarium liner. -Bio - degradable enzyme reduces odors. -Absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate reptiles. -Safe - cannot be digested. Product Type: -Bedding & Liners. Reptile: -Amphibian/Bearded...

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Features : • Sturdy 6-level construction made from powder-coated steel, wire and durable plastic • Shelves, ramps, easy to clean slide-out tray, 250ml water bottle and plastic food box are all included • 3 oversized front openings on the top...

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Which bird species will find place on this mat? If you have a bird that loves munching, foraging and chewing, bring home the 6" X 6" SunGrow seagrass mat. This is a 100% natural yummy chewable, comfortable bird bed, and play-mat for your finch,...

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Reptiles rely on external heat sources to elevate their body temperature. Zilla Heat Mat Terrarium Heaters provide warmth for reptiles to absorb from their surrounding environment in order to maintain and thermo-regulate heat used for daily...

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Description Material:Cloth Color:Rose,Green Size Back Neck Bust XS 24CM/9.45" 23CM/9.1" 26CM/10.2" S 29CM/11.4" 26CM/10.2" 30CM/11.8" M 34CM/13.4" 29CM/11.4" 33CM/13.0" L 39CM/15.4" 32CM/12.6" 38CM/15.0" 100%brand new and high quality. Soft and...

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We are happy to introduce these new Carolina Custom Cages Terrariums. They are very easy to assemble and come in 8 different models; Medium 24x18x18, Tall Medium 24x18x24, Extra-Tall Medium 24x18x36, Large 36x18x18, Tall Large 36x18x24, Extra-Tall...

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ReptiFresh® is the first odor eliminating substrate for use in reptile terrariums. ReptiFresh® can be used with the following types of reptiles: Bearded dragons, Leopard Geckos, Uromastyx Lizards, desert species of skinks, geckos and Agamid...

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Description: 100% Brand New and High Quality. Fabric: Plastic Size: Diameter: 5cm, Total Length: 18cm. Note: Due to the artificial measurement, there may be a little error exists. Thank you for your understanding and hope you have a happy...

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Item Description Features: Built-in temperature control system Transparent lid allows observation of hatching process Contains a built-in fan to keep air circulated Perfect to classroom experiments, hobbies or a home based hatchery (chicken,...

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Turtles can be low maintenance and easy to care for pet, but the key to their health and happiness is a proper habitat and this should just be an easy and enjoyable task for pet owners. Conditioning the water tank with SunGrow's Turtle Water...

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Name: insect catch clamp, poop cleaning tool. Ideal for reptiles and amphibians, can catch live baits such as spiders, insects, scorpions, beetles and other wild insects. Daily insect catching and feeding. Aquarium tank and reptile terrarium...

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The Vivarium Electronics VE-300 Thermostat is our recommendation for superior and reliable control of heating your snake's habitat. The VE-300 can handle up to 700 watts and is able to operate as a proportional style thermostat OR as an on/off...

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The Penn Plax Reptology Large Turtle Pier is a great way to interact more closely with your favorite reptile pet while also satisfying their natural urge for basking. Pier can be used both as a floating platform when placed in water or can be used...

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The Penn Plax Aqua Terrarium Planting Tank with Aquarium is the latest in aquatic ecosystems. The beautiful, revolutionary design allows you to grow your favorite live plants together with your fish in one symbiotic environment. The terrarium tank...

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Description: Keeping Chickens As Pets Has Become Increasingly Popular Over The Years Among Urban And Residents. This Brand New And High Quality Chicken Coop Is Suited For Chickens, Hens Or Other Small Animals. The Chicken Cage Is Made Of Solid Fir...

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