Search Our Brand "OMEM", Search Our Interesting Pet Clothes and Pet Products. Size(CM): (L*W*H). S : 14.7*11*5.5CM. M : 15.5*11*5.5CM. L : 24*17*6CM . Hole: L: 4.7, H: 3.5CM. About Our Services 1.If you have any questions, please leave your...

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Leaf litter is the most natural ground covering for the terrarium and most closely replicates the typical habitat rainforest species will encounter in the wild. Leaf litter provides visual barriers and safe havens for the vivarium inhabitants such...

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FreeRun:FreeRun pet bed is the new design and fashion style in the markets. It is a selection of high quality material.Shipment:Due to long distance, item usually be took 10-20 days to arrive you, they will be sent out within 2-4 days after you...

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Fluker Labs SFK73030 Insectivore/Carnivore High AMP Boost Reptile Supplement, 50gm Provides immediate energy and fluid supportGreat for introducing reptiles into new environmentsIncludes powder, cup, spoon and feeding syringe. Just add...

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Description: 100% Brand New, High Quality. Special bowl tub for reptiles. Applicable for lizard,spider,chameleon etc. Specifications: Material:Plastic Color:Transparent Note: There may be 1-3mm of size deviation due to manual measurement....

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Perfect New Fish Tank Aquarium External LED Heater Glass 300W Adjustable Temperature 20-35℃ / US PLUG Feature: Freq: 110v 60Hz Power: 300w Adjustable temperature is 20-35 degree External design, work together with filter bucket Power cut off...

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Exotic Environments Nile Crocodile Skull Ornament is made with durable poly resin material safe for use in all aquariums, Small, 3-Inch by 6-Inch by 2-1/2-Inch Size:...

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[The Newest 2017 UPGRADE] Reptile Heating Pad Temperature Adjustable Heat Mat For Brooder with 110V US Standard Plug. This mat is suitable for use with reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, fish, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits etc. Specifications: ...

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Package include: 1x turtle steps island Made of resin material, very hard, never easy broken Suitable for all kinds of reptile animal, turtle, snake, spider Size:15x5x5cmMade of resin material, very hard, never easy brokenSuitable for all kinds...

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Description:This white ceramic heat emitting bulb is the perfect 24 hours heat source for all reptiles & amphibians.The Ceramic Heater is a radiant heat source which creates a natural sun like heat with a uniform pattern.These porcelain heating...

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This Betta aquarium holds 1.5 gallons of water and can accommodate up to three betta, or other small fish! It has been constructed with diamond polished edges and black silicone, for a clean, sleek appearance to blend seamlessly into your office...

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Zoo med repticare terrarium timer provides a natural day/night cycle for your Reptile. Includes LED lamp on indicator & Manual override switch. Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety. Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety15 amps/1876 wattsEasy...

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These 5 pack of unique warmers are designed especially for shipping plants, reptiles, fish and corals. Wholesale exporters use them worldwide for shipping plant, reptile and fish. The Uni-Heat Warmer will warm up and is ready to use within 5-15...

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These insect habitat cages feature a Black lid with optimum ventilation and an easy access locking door to keep your pet secure and also for easy feeding. The cage comes with a curved surface and a clear body that allows you to view your small...

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Acrylic Terrarium Container You can enjoy a 360 Degree View of your pet. It's only 0.6% of the UV light can penetrate the glass. Even if a glass terrarium is exposed directly to the sun 99.4% of UV light will be reflected by the terrarium...

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Package: 2 x Reptile Case (animal not included) There are three rows of holes having a diameter of 1mm, to meet the high humidity larvae easy loss, but also can use as an incubator boxSolid moulded structure, Complete ventilationSuitable for...

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Have you ever thought about having an almighty pet slicker brush?Now MIXIRE pet slicker brush will be your best choice.To stop embarrassed moment - Avoid ugly pet's fur on your clothes and furniture. Our pet brush can reduce up to 95? irritability...

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Most of reptile pet are cold-blooded animals or called ectotherm. Their body temperature will change according surroundings,which means these reptile pet are lack of physiological function of maintaining body temperature. So they need to absorb...

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Silkworm Feeder POD,30 silkworms,with fresh mulberry leaves. The silkworms are ready to feed your reptiles. Silkworms are an excellent feeder insect for...

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Fits 5.5 Gallon Tanks 16.3 x 8.7 inches Screen...

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The Exo Terra Skull hides are extremely realistic and add an exciting accent to any type of terrarium, desert, rainforest or aquatic. These hides offer multiple entrances for easy access and add an extra dimension to the terrarium...

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Description: 1.Extremely quiet: can be used in bed room. 2.Big output: supply air for several tankers at the same time. 3.High pressure: can be used for 2m depth water. 4.Low power consumption: half consumption with same output. Specifications:...

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The Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Empty Aquarium is the perfect starter aquarium or terrarium for a wide variety of fish and reptiles. Fun for all ages, the versatile glass enclosure is made with high-strength silicone, which creates a permanent...

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This 5.5" diameter dome lamp is made of heavy gauge painted aluminum. Ceramic socket can be used with incandescent bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, and compact fluorescent bulbs. Rated up to 75watts. Easily attach to the rim of all terrariumsThe...

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Without the sun’s energy, all life on earth would cease to exist. It is by the sun’s energy that all life forces are driven. Although the sun and its light are very complex, there are only three elements of light that are important and...

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Use a Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand when you need to safely suspend lamp fixtures or other devices above your enclosure. The Reptile Lamp Stands are available in two sizes, both with adjustable height and arm lengths; as well as power cord clips and...

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Tough chewers have met their match with Outward Hound Invincibles! Featuring 2 layers of super-tough fabric, and special squeakers that continue to squeak after being punctured, these lovable, cuddly and durable toys are made to keep your pup...

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Easy is the key word to describe our value-priced food dishes for reptile terrariums. The low side walls put daily nourishment within easy reach of any size reptile. Terrarium care is made easier too, thanks to a glossy ceramic finish that...

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The habitat is very sturdy. We carefully package each habitat with padding and they are shipped in sturdy shipping boxes. The Habitat is perfect for Praying Mantis either adult mantis or for hatching mantis eggs.It's clear durable construction...

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Description:Suit for any glass reptile climbing box, can be used for lizards, frogs, spiders, etc.Designed with mini size (6.5x3.2x2cm) and a sucker cup, it is easy to suck on the reptile box and does not affect you to enjoy the view of...

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Description Feed aquatic turtles, newts and frogs a diet rich in calcium and vitamin C with Tetra ReptoMin Floating Sticks Turtle & Amphibian Food. Calcium and vitamin C is essential to support strong skeletal and shell development. Tetra ReptoMin...

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24 Hour Programmable light timer works with all types of aquarium lamps and features a one plug design. Provides for a natural day/night cycle for your fish. Includes LED lamp indicator" and manual override. Grounded 3 prong receptacle for safety....

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Description: 100% Brand New, High Quality. Size: 20x4.5cm/7.9" x 1.8" Holes: 6x4cm, 6x3.5cm/ 2.4" x 1.6", 2.4" x 1.4" Features: This reptile escape eggshell is Made of new PP materials, with high impact resistance and strong mechanical properties,...

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