COMBO Pet Groomer Glove And Pet Hair Remover Brush Pair — 2-in-1 Best Fur Remover And Deshedding Tools For Your Pet Hair Removal And Grooming Needs – For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Horses

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Our Pet Groomer Glove and Pet Hair Remover Brush Set is for people who like a clean home, rugs, couches, clothing, car, & carpet and want an efficient way to keep pets well groomed and house hairless, without wasting money on a professional supplies, accessories, and equipment. Too many pet owners end up investing in products that aren’t effective or quick, aren’t soft enough for your animals, scare your cats & dogs when you try to comb and massage out the loose fur, and are difficult to clean.

  • AMAZING! Top 2-in-1 five finger glove is a gentle massaging tool for your pets. Our mitt is an effective groomer and deshedding tool for cats, dogs, bunnies, horses and other small and large animals. Brush your pet while easily dematting his fur and keeping him clean without the hassle of bathing!
  • DURABLE! Easy to clean rubber tips allows you to quickly wash the brush and mitt with any cleaner — 100% washable and reusable!
  • WORKS LIKE MAGIC! The Pet Hair Remover Brush is multi-purpose and multi-surface tool. Our unique rubber magnet design works on most fabrics, clothing, furniture, and upholstery in your home, making it easy to keep chairs, couches, rugs, curtains, bedding, and carpet clean and free of loose hairs!
  • REVOLUTIONARY! Our Hair Remover Brush doubles as a lint lifter and pet grooming tool for your dawg or catz, which means you can comb your furry friend on your favorite sofa, and with the same tool efficiently brush the loose hairs off the spot she was sitting!
  • A FRESH APPROACH! 2 in 1 Hair Removal Brush and Pet Glove Set is the perfect Fur Fighting Combo for long, medium, and short hair, and is the key to a spotless home! You can be twice as effective with these pro hair removing accessories– makes for a great xmas gift set!