Common Mistakes in Home Pet Grooming

Home Pet Grooming: How to Avoid Some Common Mistakes

DIY home groomingThere are several common mistakes that dog owners make when they start to do their own pet grooming at home. Pet grooming is a skill that you can learn. With a little patience and the right equipment it can become a regular household chore that will save both time and money and be quite satisfying at the same time. But you must take care. A slip of the clippers can cause injury to your pet. This will not only be physical injury, but emotional. Trust is lost once pain is inflicted and your pet may not react to you the same afterward.

The first of the common mistakes is getting too close to the skin while shaving. The clippers are able to inflict a nasty razor burn that could possibly lead to later infections. If you unintentionally give your pet a razor burn while grooming, stop and immediately apply first aid. Put on some anti-bacteria salve and if possible clean the wound. And more importantly hug you pet and let it know that you are sorry and it was an accident and that you did not mean to hurt. Even though they might not understand the words, your pet will understand the tone and will react accordingly. The emotional pain can be almost as bad as the physical pain. Keep an eye on the wound and if it becomes inflamed and red or starts to become pussy, contact your local veterinarian immediately. If the animal licks or otherwise irritates the wound, you might want to get a protective plastic collar to stop the behavior

Another mistake in novice pet grooming is getting shampoo or other chemicals in your pet’s eye. Either from your mistake or from the animal’s head movement soap can splash. This unintentional act will sting your pet’s eyes and lead to an unpleasant pet grooming experience. Wash the soap out with water or saline solution and dab the corners of the eye with a sterile cloth. Sooth you animal and try to take the focus off their eyes and maybe gain their attention by showing them a favorite toy or ball. Hold the toy up so the pet can see it. Move the toy back and forth. As your pet tracks the toy, look into their eyes for signs of irritation.

A possible fatal mistake in pet grooming is leaving your animal unrestrained or loose during grooming. Some animals, especially cats hate baths and will run at any opportunity. Your dog and cat can put themselves in dangerous situations by trying to escape the pet grooming activity. They may run out in the street and be hit by a car or be attacked by another stray animal. Make sure your dog is at least on a leash. You may even want to put a muzzle on your pet to protect both you and them. If you wash your dog outside, wash it in a closed fenced yard so that the temptation to run will be short lived and safe.

Pet grooming is sometimes best left to a professional. The temptation to do it yourself may lead to a successful experience that could be cheaper. The bonding time with the animal is another plus when grooming your pet yourself. It can be rewarding for all involved if the proper safety tips are followed and you as the owner feel confident and comfortable in the enterprise.

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