DooBeGone Habitat Cleaner by Small Animal Cage and Accessories Cleaner For Pet Guinea Pig, Hamster, Rabbit or Reptile – Stain Remover and Odor Eliminator Wet Wipes, 70 Count

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Use DooBeGone Habitat Cleaner Wipes to clean up small animal messes. Sage to use with your pet inside the cage. Can be used with the critter, reptile, iguana, snake or any fur covered friend on your shoulder, in the car, at a friends home, the beach, a baseball game, a football game, the classroom, in the kitchen or anyplace else your small animal friend decides to leave a mess. DooBeGone Habitat Cleaner Wipes contain the safest dropping & cage cleaner in the world. Trusted and used by small ani

  • EASY – Our wipes make your life a little easier because they contain no harsh chemicals and are safe & perfect for use on nearly all surfaces including cages, toys, bowls, wood, walls, glass, plastic, screens, metal, hideaways, carpet, clothes, floors & more.
  • TIME-SAVER – Your time is valuable, unlike other cleaners that require your small pets or decor to be moved before cleaning their terrarium, these wipes can safely be used with the critter inside the cage.
  • PORTABLE – Imagine one less thing to worry about. Due to the containers small, lightweight size, it can easily be stored in small spaces for quick cleanings to prevent stains from setting and to keep habitats in show ready condition.
  • FRESH SCENTED – Because our little critters can have big odors, these wipes are lightly scented to eliminate smells left behind after cleaning and provide a refreshing scent.
  • INSTANT – Don’t waste time waiting for sprays to work. These wipes instantly dissolve urine and feces and are ideal for instantly cleaning and deodorizing toys, cages, terrariums or any animal enclosure.
  • Safe to use around all small animals and people
  • Dissolves urine and feces instantly
  • Leaves a fresh scent and is safe to use on all types of habitats