Indestructa ~ The Indestructible Dog Toy ~ Fun To Chew ~ Chase & Fetch ~ Best For Interactive Dog Chew Time ~ The Dog Accessory and Pet Supply Must Have ~ Taking Play, Catch & Fetch to the Next Level!

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The Indestructa Dog Ball- A Brand New Instructional Tool To Train Your Dog How To Play, Chase, Catch & Fetch
Designed From a solid yet Soft rubber Material.
Safe, Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly
Designed Based On Scientifically Researched Colors, Blue & Yellow, To Be Shown As The Only Primary & Secondary Colors Dogs Can Actually See.
Picked To Be The Exact Shades Dogs Seem To See Best.
Making The Ball Superior For Playing, Chasing, Catch & Fetch. Fun to Chase And Play Anywhere, All Day,

  • INDESTRUCTA The Originator Of A BRAND NEW Simple Design ~ Used as a traing tool-Based On Scientifically Researched Colors
  • BLUE The ONLY Primary Color Dog’s Can Actually See! And is The DOMINANT Color Dogs Are Attracted To!
  • SUPERIOR For Training ANY Size Dog To Play, Chase, Catch & Fetch! Good For Indoors & Outdoors In Any Kind Of Weather Conditions