Ladybird Line Pro Pet Grooming Jacket Apparel Hair Repellent and Water Resistant Black | (Small)

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CLEAN, COMFORTABLE, PROFESSIONAL & STYLISHOne thing that nearly all people universally view as a priority is appearance. As a professional pet groomer wants to look good and remain clean. Just as important, if not more important to people is being comfortable as much as possible. For those who have professions that can get messy at times, cleanliness and comfort are an ever higher priority. Keeping all of these needs in mind, these professional pet grooming jackets are made from a lightweight, w

  • A GROOMERS BEST FRIEND – Just like a dog is man’s best friend, this light weight, water repellent, chemical; proof, groomers jacket from LadyBird Line can be a dog groomers best friend. A common problem for all professional pet groomers is that things typically get messy throughout the day which makes keeping clean difficult. These lightweight, professional pet groomer jackets from Ladybird Line are made to keep you clean with easy front snaps and a pleated back for extra comfort.
  • A DAILY ESSENTIAL – In addition to front snaps and a pleated back, these jackets are made from a lightweight, water repellent, bleach resistant, chemical proof, hair repellent soft polyester material, making these jackets durable enough for daily use while keeping you comfortable. They also feature two front pockets and a decorative back belt. They are also machine washable for easy care and are iron safe.
  • PROBLEM SOLVER – One of the biggest challenges many professionals face on a daily basis is remaining clean and well put together, even when their job can get rather messy at times. Quite simply, these professional salon jackets from Ladybird Line keep you and your clothes safe and protected from water, debris, and whatever else the work day throws your way.
  • SHOW STYLE AND FLAIR- Even when working, your clothes need to be kept neat and clean. Pet groomers can put your mind at ease that you’ll stay nice and clean, no matter what stains or chemicals could pose as a threat. These jackets were nor only made to protect you, they are very flattering to the body and give you a unique sense of flair
  • MADE FOR WOMEN – These unique garments are available in all women’s sizes from x-small to 3X-large. See size chart below for dimensions