ONE DAY SALE – Professional WhistCall Dog Whistle for Bark Control and Obedience Training | Best New Improved Anti Loss Version | with Free Lanyard | 100%

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A WhistCall® Dog Professional Training Whistle is an valuable tool for teaching your dog new commands, re-enforcing good habits, bark control and eliminating bad behaviors. forePets® puts at your disposal a top-of-the-line, professional dog whistle to help you achieve the best training results for you and your pet. Dog whistle produces an arrange of ultra-sonic pitches that are easier for dogs to detect, and though it may take a bit of time, practice, and patience to accomplish best results, y

  • ♥ STOP UNNECESSARY/INCESSANT BARKING – Use your professionally designed whistle to train your dog to stop barking, or simply to call him/her in or out of the house for supper
  • ♥ TRAIN YOUR DOG – Get a great tool to teach your dog obedience and enjoy watching him learn basic skills and even advanced movements as you whistle different commands to him
  • ♥ NEW DUAL ANTI LOSS FEATURES WITH SPECIAL LOCK NUT & COVER WITH FREE LANYARD: Never lose your @Whistcall dog whistle with our innovative special locking nut feature and snap on cover. Simply adjust to prefered frequency, turn lock nut tightly in to place and secure with our unique snap on cover. Unlike other cheaper dog whistles on Amazon, you won’t lose your whistle with us!
  • ♥ CONTROL AND MANAGE – Control your dog wherever and whenever he acts up, or misbehaves, without the necessity of expensive and even painful methods, such collars etc. Once you have properly trained your dog with a number of desired commands you will be in full control of his actions, no matter what the situation may be
  • ♥ ADJUST TO YOUR DOG HEARING – Since different dogs respond to different frequencies our whistle allows you to change and adjust the whistle’s frequencies to suit your own dog’s hearing