Blue buffalo wilderness trail treats grain-free dog biscuitsblue buffalo wildernesstrail treats grain-free dog biscuits are so tasty that the entire wolf pack would run for miles to get just one. The perfect crunchy treat for your meat-loving dog,...

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KONG refillable catnip toys utilize top quality, natural North American catnip. These toys have a special compartment that can be opened and closed, so that fresh catnip can be added again and again - to last all of your cat's nine lives. Catnip...

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Reptology® Triangle Turtle Pier Kits give you everything you need to provide your pet a healthier, more natural aquatic environment while saving space and giving you a new way to interact with your pet. Each kit contains one triangular shaped...

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Miller Manufacturing P8FBRED Red Fatback Bucket 8 Quart has a flat back to fit compactly against a wall or fence. Bucket makes it easier to haul heavy loads of feed or water. Heavy duty construction holds up to many purposes. Metal handle. Flat...

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Coop cups easily attach to bird cages, dog crates and chain link fences. Purchase two for both food and water. Dishwasher safeRust resistanthygienic and easy to...

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14-quart flat back bucket; design becomes a wall bucket when interlocked with the wb-20 wall bracket (not included) will not wobble on the wall. convenient size for smaller horses and other stable animals. capacity markings in quarts, gallons and...

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Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters and cartridges were designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Our patented designs include unique features to enhance water quality and clarity, increase oxygen levels and lessen noise. Aqueon QuietFlow Power...

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Veterinarians recommend a raised bowl for taller dogs. Many digestive problems in dogs are caused by taller dogs having to bend their head down to eat or drink. The 10 inch high EZ Store raised dog bowl can solve these problems. The EZ Store...

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The Bristle Brush is excellent for general grooming . It helps to remove tangles and also removes any loose hair. With regular use the Safari bristle brush will also help to reduce shedding. Best suited for use on kittens, cats and small...

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Fluker's Mini Sun Dome is specifically designed with an extra long reflector dome that extends beyond the bulb. The polished aluminum surface inside the dome increases UVB and UVA output to domes with interior white surfaces.100 watt maxDeep Dome...

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Secure-Fit Overreach Boots The unique design of our Secure-Fit Overreach Boots provides protection to the hoof and pastern. These vinyl boots with Ballistic binding help absorb the impact of overreaching. A soft no-turn knob prevents the boot from...

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Prevue Pet Products Universal Bird Cage Cover 12503 aids in reducing distractions and allows for uninterrupted sleep. Manufactured from 100-percent non-toxic, breathable materials, our cage cover is color fast, lightweight and machine washable....

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2 x 1-3/4-quart mineral feeder designed to administer feed supplements, vitamins. two comportments permits free choice of feeding. Flanges on top and bottom make for a sturdy installationUseful as a small parts pinExclusive fortally-epdm rubber...

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Aquatic Creations Aquarium Clings bring your aquarium to life. Clings support the well being of your pets by adding beauty and excitement to their surrounding environment. The cling adheres directly to the aquarium and leaves no residue upon...

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3-gallon low pan, ideal for feeding and watering. double sidewall construction ensures lasting durability. us and metric markings shows water and feed consumption. Handy low pan feeder, tip resistantResists cracking and up degradationExcellent as...

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We love our cats, but when they stop using the litter box and have messes it's time for serious action. No product works faster to get cats back to using the litter box and remove messes from urine, vomit, hair balls, feces, marking scents and cat...

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The Exo Terra Reptile Heatwave Rock Electronic Heat Stone simulates a stone heated by the sun. Various reptiles, including nocturnal, use this form of conductive heat for thermoregulation which is important for metabolism and digestion. The Exo...

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1934 Features: -All natural treat fortified with vitamins and minerals.-Great for a treat or a reward.-Unique flavor horses can't resist.-For all horses.-Made in the USA.-Capacity: 30 oz.. Dimensions: -11'' H x 3'' W x 8.75'' D, 2 lbs. All...

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Perky-Pet HF92 Gazebo Wild Bird Feeder A symbol of shelter and tranquility, gazebos offer space to rest and rejuvenate. Just like the real full-size version, this smaller representation in the form of a wild bird feeder acts in much the same way....

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Petco Bi-Level Small Animal Habitat - Ideal Indoor Rabbit Cage, Guinea Pig Home, or Ferret Cage aYour small pet will love the spacious, secure living area of the Petco Bi-Level Small Animal Habitat. This roomy enclosure is perfect for use as an...

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Bring the magic of the underwater world to your home with this freshwater fish bowl This aquarium features a retro townhouse look that lets your fish frolick in style. The decorative base completes the seaside look with its smooth curves and aqua...

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The KONG Satellite is an action-packed, treat and food dispensing toy. The top of the Satellite is translucent so dogs can SEE the treats inside. It dispenses treats randomly, encouraging your dog to work for his food and slow down while eating....

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This adjustable cat grooming harness safely and securely restrains cats on grooming tables or in tubs. Woven 1/2-inch wide black nylon pet restraint features a figure-8 design with a one-buckle adjustment for neck and girth. D-ring on top allows...

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The Exo Terra Faunarium is a plastic, all-purpose terrarium for reptiles, amphibians, mice and insects. It is ideal for transport, temporary housing or quarantine. It comes equipped with a handle for easy carrying, and the top clear window opens...

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A thrush treatment so powerful that it lasts for up to eight days without reapplication... even in the wettest, muddiest terrain. Stomps out the thrush on contact. A single application not only relieves the agonizing, crippling effects of thrush,...

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UMA Enterprises round shape bird cages are made from cast solid metal with dome. Hook attached for easy hanging on the roof. Bird cage set is designed to house birds as pets. Bird Cage makes the perfect home for multiple parakeets, canaries or...

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Contains high fiber to keep the digestive systems working, plus basic vitamins and minerals. The t stands for timothy grass. Stabilized nutrients assure a well-balanced diet when served with loose grass hays. 10-lb...

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Specifications: Model: AF-2009D Housing: Plastic Type of battery: 2*AA batteries Attachment Method: retaining clips or Velcro fixed Unit dimensions (approx.): 4.3*4*2.5inch (11*10*7cm) LCD screen dimensions (approx.): 1.1*0.5inch (2.6*1.3cm) Feed...

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Multipet's Swingin' Safari Monkey plush dog toy with extra long arms and legs with squeakers. Swingin' SafariToy Squeaks when pet squeezes itKeeps dog entertainedDog...

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The Duranimals Durascoop enables you to easily remove large clumps and clean the litter box effectively and vigorously. It makes a nasty job less nasty. In spite of its large size, the durascoop is extremely lightweight. The ergonomic handle makes...

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Ideal for tropical and desert habitats, the day blue lamp generates a gentle blue light that enhances the color of reptiles while providing a heat source needed for a healthy reptile environment. The uncoated blue glass allows the bulb to transfer...

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German Horse Muffin All Natural Horse Treats, Size: 1 Pound Deliciously...

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Prevue Pet Products Round Roof Parakeet Cage in Brass & Blue 1404 is designed to provide a spacious home for your small bird. Featuring decorative detailing on the front of the cage plus a bright blue and brass color combination, our Round Roof...

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