Prevue Pet Products Small Animal Cage with Stand is ideal for a variety of small animals including rabbits and guinea pigs. Two large doors, one on the top and one on the side, allow you to easily access your precious pet. Tubular steel stand sits...

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Whisper EX 70 filter What a Wonderful WorldThe Whisper EX Series Filtration Systems take the ease of maintaining an aquarium to a whole new level for beginners to hobbyists alike. From its innovative use of Timestrip technology to the new-patented...

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Made from durable nylon with an easy-to-grab shape that dogs love, the bacon-flavored DuraChew Hollow Stick stands up to powerful chewers, with textured ridges that help clean dogs' teeth as they chew. Choose the right Nylabone with this 3-step...

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Catit Senses A full line of fun for your cat! The Catit Senses Line was designed to incorporate all of your cat’s senses while he or she plays. The products in the Senses Line include the Catit Senses Massage Center, Scratch Pad Center, Play...

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Brand New Zoo Med Aquatic Frog and Tadpole Food 2.0 oz "Sale Zoo Med - Amphibian" High protein sinking micro pellets for ALL Types of Aquatic Frogs and...

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Silk proteins moisturize and strengthen your horse's hair, neutralizing static electricity and resulting in a high shine after brushing. Knots and dreadlocks fall out tangle free right away, no matter how difficult. The silk protein in Cowboy...

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Many birds like to perch and chew on this bridge of brightly colored wooden blocks and colorful plastic chains. Four dangling strands of pine blocks and wooden beads add to the enjoyment factor. Perfect size for Caiques, Conures, Quakers and...

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Includes energy-dense alfalfa hay. Was designed spcifically to provide stabilized nutrients to keep younr rabbits thriving. Can also be used to boost the nutrition of older rabbits with weight loss due to age or illness. Ensures a healthy,...

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Real Meat Treats are 95% real meat guaranteed to please the palate of all discerning dogs & cats. Wilderness Foods use only the finest New Zealand farm raised Venison, Lamb, Chicken and Beef, and fresh fish from the South Pacific Ocean. ...

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This uniquely designed dog bowl features three center posts that dogs have to eat around, preventing them from gulping their food too quickly. The lightweight design encourages dogs to eat calmly and gently to prevent the dish from slipping and...

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The Arch Groomer is the floor model of our popular line of grooming aids. This 'hands free groomer has an arch covered with nibs inside and out for cats to rub up against. Like our other grooming products the Arch Groomer combs out loose hair and...

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The Exo Terra Light Bracket is designed to suspend the Exo Terra Light Dome or wire fixtures above any Exo Terra Natural Terrarium or other glass terrarium securely. The Exo Terra Light Bracket easily adjusts to fit most types of fixtures or can...

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4 lbs. of Red Cell Pellets that supports normal blood cell health, essential for transporting oxygen, maintaining energy and meeting performance demands. Industry standard vitamin mineral supplement for fueling champion horses. Contains 300 mg of...

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•This Fuzzy Nest gives your lovely parrots or birds a warm and comfortable hut to rest •Thick plush fabrics provide the good place for the pets •Nice shed for its heat preservation to keep your parrots or birds away from the cold, especially...

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Our walk-n-vest is a super safe and comfortable harness and leash for small pets. It is made of durable nylon and is washable and colorfast. The velcro and clip design make is easy on and easy off. The large is suitable for rabbits, adult ferrets...

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Purple plastic aquarium plants is incredibly easy to use, simply drop them in, and its ceramic base holds gravel to firmly keep the plant in place.Desinged with these Purple Fish Tank Grass to create a beautiful undersea world and spark your...

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Burtle the Turtle – His friends call him Burt, and this is one guy your dog will want to be friends with. Great as a pillow and all around play toy, your dog will enjoy keeping him close at all times. This toy does not squeak. Great for...

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Fur-So-Fresh Groominator Dog & Cat 2in1 Deshedding Tool Deshedding ToolUse on Cats, Dogs & HorsesCan be used on Wet or Dry HairEasy Grip HandleBlade Cover...

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Open air aluminum screen cage. Great for small species of Old World Chameleons, Juvenile Green Iguanas and other arboreal species of lizards, such as Geckos, Anoles, etc. Large front door for easy cage access and bottom door for easy substrate...

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Manna pro 0099490338 opti-zyme microbial digestive supplement 3 lb is a source of naturally occurring viable yeast, enzymes and beneficial bacteria that help promote optimal digestion. supplement aids digestion of starch, sugars, protein and...

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Prevue Pet Products Travel Cage is an ideal solution for short-term traveling. Perfect for small parrots, the 9 inch x 9 inch side access door allows birds to walk right into the cage. A removable bottom grille and plastic pull out tray make...

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Prevue Pet Products Feisty Ferret Home offers plenty of space for even the most energetic ferrets to run, jump and play. Cage comes complete with ramps, shelves, and even a hammock to keep your fuzzy friend entertained and content.  Featuring two...

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Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein 40.00 %, Crude Fat 9.60 %, Crude Fiber 1.70 %, Ash 8.70 % Stabilized Vitamin C Added. Directions:Feed as much as your fish will consume in 5 - 10 minutes, 3 times per day. Ingredients:Fish Meal, Ground Wheat,...

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The Wahl 9484-300 deluxe u clip is has a specially designed shunt motor for increased power and is ideal for quiet medium duty clipping and trimming. it has a comfort grip for versatile angles, is easy to use and has an adjustable blade set from...

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arthbath Hypo Allergenic and Fragrence-Free Cat Wipes with Awapuhi safely and easily wipe away dander dirt and residual saliva in your finely furred friend`s coat. Dander and saliva build-up are the leading causes of human/cat allergies, and use...

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Like our Nocturnal Infrared Heat Lamp, the Nightlight Red Reptile bulb is also made of true red glass (not painted or coated) for better heat transfer. Economical 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds, or small animals....

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4.4lb pure Himalayan salt block on a rope in two sizes for your convenience. Helps reduce boredom while giving your horse the nutrients they need. Purest form of salt availableContains many of the valuable minerals horses needThe high density of...

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The lattice chain activitoy by JW pet company is made from four translucent hanging balls with cutouts that can be stuffed with treats. These linked balls of fun will attract and stimulate your bird to climb and explore. This bright toy with a...

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Our hang-n-tent fits inside any cage and features nylon straps with clips for easy attachment. This double fleece sleeper is fuzzy and cozy inside. The fun tent design gives critters a place to play and hide and expands their living space in cozy...

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Exotic Environments Caribbean Living Reef Aquarium Ornament is made with durable poly resin material safe for use in all aquariums, Mini , 4 inch by 3-1/2 inch by 3-1/2 inch Blue Ribbon Pet Products, Caribbean Living Reef Aquarium Ornament - Mini...

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KONG Pudge BraidZ are tightly braided for strength, creating a soft toy that is as cute as it is durable. Pudge BraidZ are twice as thick as the original BraidZ and are perfect for most dogs. The strong, flexible weave helps floss and clean teeth...

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This cat grooming bag is the perfect tool for bathing and grooming cats. Made of heavy-duty black nylon with large rubber mesh inserts to let water in and out when bathing. Cat wears the bag by slipping into the zippered top opening, and the...

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Humidaheat by AgroSci - The patent pending all-in-one heater and humidifier for your pet's habitat. Heater and...

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