Since 1984, Burt's Bees has been working with nature to create products that nurture your skin. We believe that pets are family, so we're bringing the same natural attention and care to your closest furry friends. Burt’s Bee’s for Cats...

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Bvanki toy's Feature: * When the parrot chewing ball is rolling or shaken, it will make a clear ringing sound, which can help enliven the playing atmosphere. * Contributes to exercise, intensify and clean their teeth. * Use as a foot toy or...

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Material: Stainless steel dog bowls, silicone mat Size: Small: 7 OZ for each bowl(3.9" Dia x 1.2" H), 14.2" x 8.1" x 1.4" of mat, appropriate for puppies and other small pets Medium: 14 OZ for each bowl(5.5" Dia x 1.7" H), 17.8" x 10.4" x 1.8" of...

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These superworms are shipped from Josh's Frogs facility in Michigan, this product CAN be combined with other live insects and dry goods for shipping. These superworms are about 2.24" in length. Superworms have long been a staple feeder insect in...

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SUMMER GAMES PLUS ELECTROLYTE PASTE FOR HORSES - SUMMER GAMES PLUS KENTUCKY PERFORMANCE PROD - 99-003Concentrated buffered electrolyte syringeContains a buffering agent that helps create a soothing gastric environmentMimics the composition of...

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Pet seat cover, a solid soldier of your car as well as of your pets. Constructed by 100% heavy-duty oxford fabric, our product is built to last for a lifetime - its waterproof and scratch-proof quality will save your peace of mind! Forget about...

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Multipet 11.5-Inch Latex Polka Dot Globken Chicken Dog Toy Plush FilledSQUAWKS when squeezedPets should be supervised while playing with toys and all damaged toys should be discardedAssorted colors- will receive one toy on purchase and it will...

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Parrot's beak is going to keep growing to keep it sharp. However, too long beak will affect the parrot's own eating ability, and damage its health. The wild parrot will control the length of the beak by biting the trunks and hard food, and loving...

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Get rid of fleas and ticks fast with Precor 2000. Precor 2000 is an easy to use aerosol to control fleas and ticks inside the home. It contains the insect growth regulator methoprene for 7 months of control against listed insects. Each can will...

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Petforu Aquarium Breeding Tank Acrylic Reptile Feeding Box with Temperature Hygrometer (Small) Suitable for raising spiders, house lizard, small turtles, frogs, corn snakes and other small animals.This box can also create water, land, rain...

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Jolly Pets Toys make your pet involved and more interactive with these amazing toys. Keep their brain function high and let them have their fun. Don't settle for less, use Jolly Pet!. Designed with your safety and your pets safety in mindSafe...

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This product is a multi functional clean pump, such as changing water, sand washing, suction pollution, easy to install and use, with a variety of accessories. It can be flexible to transform a variety of purposes. Usually it can be placed in the...

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This rugged cat litter mat was made to perform! Reduce litter scatter and keep paws clean with this Cat Litter Catcher Mat featuring soft, rubberized material that traps dirt and litter and brushes against paws to remove litter. Mat is easy to...

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Specification: Material: Canvas/Denim Style: Outdoor dog Camouflage Vest Backpacks Size: M, L, XL M: Chest: 19 - 23 in,Back Length: 12.6 in L: Chest: 22 - 26 in,Back Length: 14.5 in XL:Chest: 28 - 35 in,Back Length: 18.1 in Qty: 1 pcs Color:...

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*Measuring Your Dog for a Perfect Fit* 1.Your baby usually wears size S doesn't mean all size S will fit him/her. Different designers and manufacturers use their own size charts. So the measurements given in a size SMALL by manufacturer "A" will...

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🐶 The Best Gift For your Beloved Friend! 🐶What's in the pack? 1 Paw Rope Disk 1 Paw Rug Ball 1 Quilted Chewable Duck 1 Teeth Cleaning Toy 1 Cute Quilted Apple 1 Rope Chewable Carrot 1 Double Disc Rope 1 Large Ball Rope Toy ...

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Aquariums & Cages Black Dry Mat. This super absorbent, waterproof mat is a must-have for aquarium owners. It provides the perfect surface when cleaning filters & aquarium decor. Or use it under your tank to absorb splashes. This versatile mat also...

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6" durable plastic handle with steel pick and...

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Digital LCD Aquarium Fish Thermometer Water Terrarium Black FREE Batteries Great accurate temperature readings with this Mini Digital Thermometer which has a simple appearance, unobtrusive design and an easy-to-read LCD display The probe is water...

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This pack is editor's pick for numerous reasons. The most important fact is this cat collar pack reminds me of island time, when everyone is enjoying the vacation and sipping the coconut drinks from Bahama beach. There are 2 cat collars in this...

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Afford Your Winged Best Friend The Fun & Versatile Perch Rope They Deserve Brought To You By MING! We can bet that you fell in love the moment you first saw your macaw, parrot, or cockatoo. How can you not, they are all so adorable to look at or...

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Features:-Precision motor, low vibration and ultra quiet design, free it from work noise with only about 50 db.-Powerful motor (the spindle of which is made of fine copper), not to clamp and hurt pet hair.-Light weight and cordless design for easy...

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We sell 100% brand new and high quality products. You can get what you want here at a competitive price! Don't hesitate, just buy it!Description: - Made from high grade plastc, non-toxic, sturdy and non-deformation, saft and durable for use. -...

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Formula 707 Joint 6-in-1 contains COMPLETE support for your horse's cartilage, tendons, ligaments and joints, and now includes Green-Lipped Mussel which has been shown to reduce inflammation and decrease pain. Joint 6-in-1 provides the intensive...

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Creative, Attractive, Amazing Wall Mounted Fish Tank!- Not only as a mini fishbowl, but also can be used as the vase of planting various aquatic plants;- At the same time to decorate your room, and don't have to worry about kids or pets will...

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❀❀Note:❀1.All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 2-3cm deviations,thanks for your understanding❀2.As different computers display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images, thanks...

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If your home and your clothes are constantly covered in pet hairs, you know how important it is to keep your dog or cat groomed. Shedding can leave your carpets looking like you have a whole new pet lying there! This is the stress-free grooming...

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Car Magnet- Different Sayings Printed on magnetic material. They can be placed on anything metallic, including mailboxes and refrigerators. Sticks to cars, mailboxes, and more0.30 weight magnet materialHigh gloss UV...

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The Orivet Dog Health Screen is a DNA test kit that screens your canine friend for dozens of genetic diseases and traits. It helps you and your veterinarian understand your dog's most relevant health concerns, so you can care for it more...

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Is the SunGrow Aquarium Plant safe for my pets? Safe for both aquatic and non aquatic pets, the artificial aquarium plant is made with non-toxic polyethylene plastic and soft silk leaves. The materials are easy-to-clean and disinfect, simply wash...

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Polo wraps are intended to warm poorly insulated muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the lower leg. Once warmed, they become more liber and stretchable which reduces the likelihood of injury during workouts. They also add a layer of protection...

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Features --The largest feature of this led aquarium light is Dimmable and Crytal Lens. --Two separate dimmers, power cords, on/off switches to control the blue and white channel, adjust the light intensity in your tank, simulating sun-set,...

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Introducing the Atlin DynamicComfort Leash! Modelled after Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Rope, the DynamicComfort leash has a bit of give - it will absorb much of the shock if your dog spots a squirrel and takes off! For additional comfort,...

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