PatriaPet dog collars and leashes are made of very strong polyester material - the same material that automobile seat belts are made of. The Australian colors are infused directly into the fabric allowing the brilliant, colorfast designs to last...

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Tips:Your baby usually wears size S doesn't mean all size S will fit him/her!!!So please measure your dog and have a reference before your purchase according to the size map(PS:According to our customers reviews,you can order the larger size)...

$8.99 as at 07:22 UTC. (Details)

Stylish Pet Food Tray Prevents Messes, Protects Your Floors & Looks Great Doing It Attention Pet Lovers...Is Your Cat or Dog a Messy Eater? Finally, someone has created a stylish pet food tray that's actually big enough to catch all that mess!...

$16.97 as at 02:17 UTC. (Details)

You & Me Living The Dream Small Animal Habitat, 40" L X 17.5" W X 21" H, Brown Perfect indoor rabbit cage, ferret cage, or guinea pig cageEasy to assemble - wire cage top snaps onto plastic baseIncludes ramp and second level platformEasy access...

$53.99 as at 15:46 UTC. (Details)

Uniquorn pet comfortable clothes. Material:Cotton.Very Soft to The Touch It Was Made By Skin Friendly Material.Humanized design with the button of the cloth,makes your pet more lovely,fashion and difference.Funny with Costume.You will not be...

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Zoom-groom is the best grooming and shampooing brush available. Removes loose hair like a magnet, stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and coats. Zoom-groom brushes are effective for all dogs and coat types....

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Colorful Glass pebbles mark a path or highlight a flower bed. 250g set Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique Colorful Glass pebbles.Not toy, keep away from children for chocking hazard!Color: ColorfulMaterial:Glass...

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Royal Canin Dachshund Dog Food features an exclusive kibble developed to be perfectly adapted to the jaw of the adult Dachshund. It makes it easier for the Dachshund to pick up and encourages him to chew. Dachshunds have short limbs and vertebrae...

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PEDIGREE For Big Dogs Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Dry Dog Food is formulated to give large dogs all of the energy and nourishment they need to continue living life to the fullest. Our chicken-flavor dog food features naturally sourced...

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Pretty Bird daily select premium bird food is original multicolored, multi-shaped, extruded bird food containing 14-percent protein and 5-percent fat. For African grays, amazons, small and medium cockatoos, larger conures, small macaws and similar...

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Product Description This Wire Crate Comes Complete With A Dual Latching Door To Safely Secure Pets. The Dog Crate Comes To You Equipped With Every Feature You Can Think Of. A Composite Plastic Pan For Easy Cleanup In The Event Of An Accident. A...

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Zebra Nerites snails' shells have a truly striking and beautiful pattern, featuring gold and black zebra-like stripes running all the way down. These attractive snails definitely draw your eyes directly to them, but they also serve some very...

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This is a very high quality product made of 16 mm patriotic colors Red/ White/ Blue rubber inserted with strong pp tape and vegetable tanned drum dyed leather. This beautiful training aid comes with martingale stopper and is strong and...

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Package Include: 100 Pcs Glow In The Dark Stones Pebbles Rock For FISH TANK AQUARIUM Garden(without retail package) 100% brand new and high quality.Quantity: 100.Material:Plastic.Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or decor garden ,fish tank with...

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If you want the best for your pet, then look no further! Treat him to ultra premium, super thick, long lasting, bully sticks that are specially prepared for your pet by a classically trained French Chef. Wag Haus Bully Sticks are made for picky...

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Baza Cat Hammock in Cream Color - Premium Cat Tree for Large Cats and Kittens, Cat Furniture Bundles with Scratching Post, Cat Toys and Cat Tree Hammock, Cheap Cat Trees with 1 Year Warranty Covered in long haired plush fabricHammock with metal...

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Support your garden decor with Metal BIRD CAGE Set of 2. It is an excellent anytime low priced garden decor upgrade option with great utility for those who have passion for birds keeping. Just have a look over this wall sculpture beauty; you will...

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Clean healthy and comfortable bedding designed specifically for small animals and birds.Perfect for rabbits guinea pigs hamsters gerbils birds ferrets rats and more.Easy to clean and does not stick.Completely biodegradable and dust free.10 liters...

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The bottom layer is waterproof. Simply add water in the middle layer to increase the humidity level. Top later can separate the moist with your pet and avoid health problem.Can be rinsed with water and reuseable. Sizing: Measures 15.5"L x...

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13.2-Pounds U-7 Gastric Aid Powder is a palatable vitamin/herbal blend that helps promote a healthy equine digestive system. U-7 Gastric Aid Powder is not a calcium-magnesium-aluminum acid buffering product. U-7 Gastric Aid Powder is a...

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1) Realistic Looking INSTANT REEF DM036 Artificial Coral Reef Aquarium Decor for Saltwater and Freshwater Fish Aquariums. Packed with GORGEOUS life-like corals, artificial live rock base covered with purple, pink and red coralline algae. 2) Get...

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Size-------Neck (cm/inch)-------Back Length(cm/inch)-------Chest(cm/inch) XS--------------18/ 7.09''--------------20/7.87'' --------------25/ 9.84'' S-------------- 22/8.66''-------------- 25/9.84''---------------34/ 13.38''...

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Aspen Pet 15508 Nylon Blue Dog Collar 5/8" x 18" is for medium to large sized dogs. Nylon construction is durable and comfortable. Adjustable. Sturdy metal buckle and d ring. For medium to large dogsNylon constructionDurable and...

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Choose a right size cage for your bird When you choose the cage for your bird, please keep the size of your bird in mind. It is always better to buy the largest cage you possibly can for your bird. Keeping a bird in a cage that's too small can...

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Trixie’s small Animal home with outdoor run is ideal for small groups of small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs. The outdoor run provides your pet with the opportunity to get some exercise without risk of harm from predators, while the...

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This is a natural alternative to plastic or resin hiding areas. Zoo Meds Habba Hut adds privacy to any reptile terrarium. A perfect way to help reptiles feel safe and secure, while reducing the stress associated with keeping animals in captivity....

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Do you know pets would be afraid of having their hair cut in the pet store since they are in an alien environment and confronted with people they are not familiar with? Pet groomers may not know about or care for your pet better than you do....

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Seaweed Salad is a natural treat for your marine and freshwater herbivores. Much more nutritious than spinach and lettuce.Recommended for: All freshwater Algae Eaters, African Cichlids, Silver Dollars, Sharks and all saltwater Damsels, Clownfish,...

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KONG Wubba is a fun, interactive toss and tug toy. Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two rubber balls - a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath. Available in assorted colors. Keeps your pet engaged and ready to playSoft Mouth feel...

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Size-S : Approx. 9CM/3.54"Size-M : Approx. 10CM/3.93"Size-L : Approx. 11CM/4.33"Size-XL : Approx. 12CM/4.73" Suitable for macaw African greys budgies and other similar bird ,also for ferrets, rat, hamster, chinchillas , guinea pig and other small...

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Puppy or senior dog accidents can damage and stains floors and carpet. This pet pad tray holds IRIS Neat n' Dry Pet Training Pads in place to shield from spillage and protect floors and carpets. Double latches lock pet pad securely in place so...

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Unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. Self leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels. Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and uvb lamps. Available in 3 sizes...

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Tough-1 600D Waterproof Poly Turnout Sheet in Tough Timber Protect your horse with the Tough-1 600 Denier Tough Timber Turnout Sheet. The material is breathable, which allows your horse to stay comfortable. This blanket has all the features you...

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