Love Glove Grooming Mitt for Cats Four Paws Love Glove conveniently fits any size hand and easily fastens with a Velcro strap.The Love glove removes dead unwanted hair while gently massaging the pet.Dead hair easily peels off the Love Glove?s...

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Prevue pet products naturals coco hideaway with ladder bird toy 62801 is handmade from 100-percent natural, eco-friendly, materials providing your bird with mental stimulation and rugged physical play. made with hevea wood branches, coconut shell...

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LM-Farms absorbent cage liners for small animals. Contain a unique polymer that controls odor. Also pulls moisture away from the surface of the liner keeping it dry to the touch. Includes 7 liners per pack. Absorbent cage liners for small...

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Shrimp are a natural prey for many different fish, aquatic amphibians and reptiles because they provide a high source of protein and essential amino acids. Natural prey for many different fishAquatic amphibians and reptilesEssential amino...

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Cosequin ASU is a veterinary strength, broad spectrum formula for horses. A superior glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate product, Cosequin ASU contains avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and high purity...

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100-Percent natural aquatic potting media blended with Zeolite- excellent for all water garden plants. Will not float. Perfect for transplanting and planting bare-root plants. Aquatic planting media soil100-Percent natural aquatic potting media...

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Greenies Treat Tub-Pak, Teenie 27 oz. GREENIES Canine Dental Chews GREENIES Dental Chews are the #1 veterinarian-recommended dental chews* and clinically proven to provide a total oral health solution.     * In pet specialty, among...

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The new Laser Toy from KONG helps facilitate interactive play sessions that help strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Simply point the bright laser at a floor or wall and let your cat chase and attempt to capture its elusive...

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The seed ball wild bird feeder features a usual high quality metal construction and patented mesh feeding system. This feeder is round in shape with green finish and holds 7 cups of black oil sunflower seeds. It measures 6-inch diameter. The...

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Marshall small animal bi-odor contains a patented blend of amino acids and enzymes that work to deodorize your small animals urine, fecal and body odors internally. Just add bi-odor to your pets food or water supply and within one week you will...

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Ideal play area for all hamsters and gerbils. Critter trail playpen features 12 colorful wire panels. Includes protective mat. Use optional passageway connector to attach to any critter trail home using fun-nel accessories. Includes a large...

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Exo Terra calcium powder supplement is for reptiles and amphibians. Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem in captive reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra calcium powder supplement contains high levels of calcium to help ensure long-term...

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Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog Food 26lbwGrain-Free Dog Food Not all grain-free pet foods are created equal. Higher levels of protein can result in higher levels of calcium and phosphorus. These elevated mineral levels can interfere with...

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This compact, submersible 100-watt heater is specially-designed for aquatic reptile viquariums.Specially designed for aquatic reptile viquariums, this compact, submersible 100-watt heater features a protective cover to keep your pets safe while...

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Conair Dog Massaging Shampoo Brush has thick bristles that gently massage and stimulate the coat for healthy, shiny fur. This brush distributes pet care products evenly throughout the coast. The contoured handle fits in the palm of your hand for...

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Why didn't someone think of this sooner? Designed to hang on any standard door in your home, the Cat Climber from SmartCat is the perfect choice for smaller homes or people who don't want to swap an end table for a traditional cat tree. Now your...

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If you have birds, you know the headache of constant cleanup and how much seed is wasted. This feeder does away with scattered seeds and hulls; eliminating costly waste and making daily clean up a thing of the past. Some feeders have claimed "no...

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The nut knot nibbler is a ball of fun for small animals. Pets will nibble and gnaw this wooden chew toy to reach an all natural surprise inside - a real almond nut. Nut knot nibbler is made from all natural wood and safe vegetable food colors,...

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Designed to provide a secure, heated hiding place for all small lizards and snakes. The top of the cave is heated with elements projecting heat both upward and downward into the cave. As your reptile grows, the top can be removed and used as a...

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Horse Health 100503595 Equine Ivermectin Paste 6.08 Gram kills 35 species and stages of worms and bots combined. Kills all three stages of the two most common bot species. Use 6 times per year for broad spectrum parasite control. For use on all...

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Zoo Meds new Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food adds a nice high protein treat to your turtles diet with the addition of dried shrimp and mealworms. We also add whole cranberries which are a natural food item of many North American species of aquatic...

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The KONG Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys that are made with an extra layer of material to make them extra tough. Cozies are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your furry friend. Grab one of the 10 amazingly cute...

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The Happy Habitat gives a breath of fresh air for your indoor cats. They can enjoy over 30 Sq.Ft of outdoor pleasure and maintain their natutral instincts to be outside in the safety of enclosure. Keeps your indoor kitties safe and sound...

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Carefresh Pet Bedding. The safest, healthiest bedding for your pet. Carefresh Pet Bedding is a patented small animal bedding made from reclaimed pulp waste. This short-fiber pulp can't be made into paper; it's free of inks, dyes, clay and...

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Superior chew resistant water bottle. Glass and stainless steel design. Spring attachment hanger holds bottle securely in place inside or outside any small animal wire home. Features unique double-ball bearing drip resistant sipper tube. Stainless...

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The Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Tropical Terrarium Lamp has a moderate to high UVB output, similar to that of shady environments such as rain forests and other tropical locations. Reptiles living in these habitats receive less UV radiation...

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Oster ECS Line of Grooming Tools feature control touch handles that are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. These one-of-a kind grooming tools are made to last and offer uncompromising results in horse grooming. Includes: Stiff...

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Small Sphere EcoSphere. This fascinating enclosed world contains marine shrimp, algae and micro-organisms. Made from hand blown glass, each EcoSphere is a completely enclosed, self-sustaining little world. The EcoSphere only needs indirect light...

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700 Poop Bag Shop (TM) Durable, easy-tear premium pet waste bags (35 rolls) Includes a Leash Bone Dispenser for the dog waste bags. Each product package and leash bone dispenser is authentically marked with the Poop Bag Shop Trademark, protected...

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KONG Naturals are ecologically responsible. All materials and dyes come from natural, renewable resources. These toys are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of the indoor cat. KONG Naturals cat scratchers will satisfy your cat's natural...

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This is a beautiful and life-like artificial jellyfish to decorate your fish tank. It has glowing effect, so it will look more beautiful in the dark. This jellyfish is great ornament for your aquarium. Description: Incredibly detailed imitation...

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Breeze litter pellets are cat-friendly and non-tracking. Unlike traditional clay litter, Breeze uses specially designed litter pellets that are 99.9 percent dust free. Breeze litter pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling unit....

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