Unlike typical pet safety harnesses which are one-point in design, Clickit Utility is the world's first three-point dog safety harness. Similar in concept to the three-point seatbelt federally required in all vehicles, Clickit Utility's three...

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Benebone is a bacon-flavored dog chew that will please dogs for hours. Ergonomic design - We painstakingly designed Benebone with dogs in mind. Benebones are curved to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going. This is helpful...

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Feature: • Bar Spacing: 3/4" • Overall Dimensions: Overall Dimensions: 66" H x 39" W x 31" D [Dimensions Include Seed Skirt & Play Top (Minus Toy Hook)] •Overall Dimensions: 56" H x 32" W x 23" D [Dimensions Do NOT Include Seed Skirt...

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* The most effective odor eliminator available * Scientifically formulated to break down even the most difficult odor molecules in the air and on fabric * Hypoallergenic, non-staining, environmentally safe and recommended by hospitals, animal...

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Zoo Med FSP-2 Bearded Dragon Food Sampler Pack "Sale Zoo Med - Lizards" This pack makes having supplies needed for your bearded dragon easy. The value pack contains: Natural Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food Tropical Fruit Mix-ins Repti Calcium Sample...

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TuffRider(R) Ladies Ribb Lowrise Breeches This low-rise knee patch breech offers you easy care and features belt loops, a slash zip pocket and patented UltraGripp knee patch, which prevents bunching while you ride. The ribbed fabric is durable and...

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The Petmate Intermediate Pet Taxi Fashion features seat belt slot, two storage compartments and quick-latching system. Your pet will look good traveling in this fashionable unit. Length 24.1 " width 16.7" height...

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Give your favorite feline a healthy dose of decadence with the Pampered Cat Gift Stack. Kitty will loving playing with the toys, enjoying the delicious treats, and the Catnip that will have them blissfully purring the day away. The perfect gift...

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The Exo Terra Heat-Glo Infrared Terrarium Heat Lamp emits infrared heatwaves and is a typical heating lamp. Heat is important for reptiles, as it is essential for their activity and digestion. The red glass transmits infrared waves produced by the...

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Keeps Jods In Place. Clip Onto Any Pair. Sold in pairsClips on each...

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This is a revolutionary magnetic aquarium cleaner, unique because it floats. Its buoyancy makes it easy to operate and is easily guided around corners without sinking. The cleaning brush stays free of sand or gravel, preventing scratching and the...

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Andis cool care plus is a coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, and rust preventative. A 5 in 1 spray that reduces friction, smoothes clipping action, and prolongs the effective life of the blade. Five in one formula is a coolant,...

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The Pet Net, LLC now offers The Original Pet Net and the newly redesigned Pet Net Plus. The NEW Pet Net Plus was designed for customers: 1) needing a barrier to reach nearly to the ceiling 2) intending installation in a rear cargo area 3) whose...

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The Snuggle Up is designed to help protect your exotic birds from the harmful effects of air conditioning and cold drafts. This low voltage heater mounts right to the side of the cage, allowing your bird to "Snuggle Up" to it to get nice and warm....

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Aspirin-Free Aches & Pains Formula helps sore, stiff muscles that result from regular exercise and normal daily activity. Contains white willow bark, with aspirin-free salicin, glucosamine, MSM, bromelain and yucca to help maintain normal, healthy...

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Rugged And Stylish Cooper Dog Collar, 3/4"X12-16" Hunter Green Nylon With Antique Brown Overlay, Solid Brass Hardware, D Rings Front And Rear For Easy ID Tag Attachment. NYLON AND LEATHERSCISSOR CLASPSolid Brass HardwareMADE IN...

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Liquid pH Control. pH Up is fast acting and colorless, it raises pH and makes water more alkaline without clouding the water. Raises pH and makes aquarium water more alkalineWill not cloud or color aquarium waterWill not encourage algae...

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Size: S , M ,L, XL S(Chest Grith 68cm/27inch ; Back Length 51cm/ 20inch) M (Chest Girth78cm / 31inch ; Back Length 55cm / 22inch) L(Chest Girth 84cm / 33inch; Back Length 64cm /25inch ) XL(Chest Girth 96cm / 38inch ; Back Lenght 67 cm /...

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100% Brand New. Weight:90g(approx) Size: S(Neck:22cm, Back:19cm, Bust:32cm) M(Neck:25cm, Back:24cm, Bust:36cm) L(Neck:30cm, Back:29cm, Bust:40cm) XL(Neck:33cm, Back:34cm, Bust:45cm) XXL(Neck:36cm, Back:35cm, Bust:47cm) Color:Red, Blue, Yellow,...

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Lafebers Pellet-Berries for Cockatiels 12.5 oz tub "Sale Lafeber - Cockatiels / conures" Pellet-Berries solve pellet boredom Pellet-Berries are an exciting result of combining the science of pellets with natural enrichment. By mixing cranberries,...

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Provides bioavailable vitamins & micronutrients for live corals; Accelerates coral growth; Replaces minerals lost to filtration. Multi-vitamin supplement enriched with amino acids, for all caged birdsThe #1 everyday bird supplement in the...

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Have lots of fun running your own Pet Vet clinic. You'll be the doctor taking care of all kinds of animals. You will doing everything from giving check-ups, training dogs and even horseback riding. 3 Levels of Challenging PlayTons of...

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With this 'Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles', you can discover and understand the lives of common frogs, salamanders, alligators, snakes, turtles, and lizards to an extent that has never been possible, through the unique behavior-watching approach...

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Fiebing's signature product. Used all over the world on fine saddlery, boots, shoes and other smooth leather articles. Cleans leather and lubricates the fibers to prevent brittleness, all the while maintaining suppleness and strength. Formulated...

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These large and colorful snails are great for adding some color and decoration to your aquarium, but they also serve some very useful purposes. They clean algae off of glass, plants, and decorations, they eat hair algae, and they keep your...

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Made from inert soft thermoplastic polymer to satisfy the chewing instinct of teething puppies and encourage non-destructive chewing.  Bristles raised during chewing will help clean teeth and prevent tartar build up.  Designed for teething...

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Diamond Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine with Roasted Bison & Venison 15 Lb. Made with real roasted meatsSupplemented with fruits and vegetablesdelivers natural antioxidants to...

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We Tweet! We Sing! We Move! Experience the ‘tweet life with DigiBirds! These interactive, tabletop birds are full of animated movements and can sing up to 20 songs! Place your Digibird inside of its Bird Cage and use the included Whistle Ring to...

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Perfect for groomers and veterinarians, this precision digital pet scale is slim, sleek and easy to use There is nothing in the Redmon literature that suggests that this scale is for veterinary or groomer use. In fact, it's designed for the...

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The Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit is the ideal CO2 supplementation system for the Fluval Flora or planted aquariums that are between 15-40 gallons. It will ensure that the most important nutrients are available to plants to maintain vigorous, lush...

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GreyEquine Fly And Insect ControlPlastic Mesh.Horse fly mask.Secure the double locking fastener under the jaw, making sure you allow a couple of fingers width between the fastener edge .Rub free design with all edges trimmed in fleece.Decreased...

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Durable reinforced nylon fabric covers two balls-a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath. The long tails make it easy to pick up and throw. Puppies love to squeak the Wubba and shake the flapping tails back and forth.br> Features: Made...

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Please note: Size Small fits from a 7-1/2" thru 9" actual snug neck size. This is NOT the collar length. Please measure your pet's neck with a cloth tape measure with no extra room. We add for comfort. 5/8" Pink Velvet Ribbon sewn onto a Nylon...

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