Parrot Kook This Is No Joke by Bird Toy Seagrass Mat for Conures African Grey USA

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A sea grass mat loaded with bird fun. Great toy hang from the side of the cage or near a perch. Safe bird materials and parrot approved. Lots of shredding fun. Toys and colors may vary. Good size for medium beaks. Pionus, smaller Cockatoos, Amazons, Blue Crown Conures and similarly sized birds. Great value and Assembled in the USA. Great for other small critters too. Wood block is wood from the Pacific Northwest and is hand dipped in critter safe dye.

  • A fun safe toy that will provide your birds with plenty to shred. Wood block is from the Pacific Northwest and hand dipped in critter safe dye.
  • Good size for many different species. Loaded with wood, bagels and plastic parts.
  • It has a lot of fun parts for your bird to explore
  • Assembled in the USA by people with bird experience and tested with several species
  • Support USA products you can trust. Toys attached to sea grass mat with leather, Paulie rope and or sea grass braids.