Pet Alert Safety Rescue Emergency Sticker, Save Our Pets Door Window Signs, Value Pack of 2 UV-Resistant Reflective A5/A6 Rescue Decals + BONUS Marker Pen

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Please note: According to a firefighter these meant to be placed on the OUTSIDE of the door / window.
In case of a fire outbreak, flooding or other immediate disasters, your pets cannot let themselves out of a closed window or locked door.  The question is “What safety measures have you put in place for your pets in case of an emergency”? If you are still thinking of an answer to this question, then you need the ‘Save Our Pets Door, Window Rescue Decal Sticker’. You cannot afford to leave a

  • ★ TREAT YOUR PET AS FAMILY – Our pets are loyal and faithful to us, so why not treat them like family? In case of an emergency, this window decal alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside the house. Our eye-catching pet alert sticker speaks your pet’s language and says; “Please save me, I am trapped here!”
  • ★ A BONUS VALUE PACK YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS – We understand the bond that you share with your pets. Hence, we are offering you a bundle pack of one A5 & A6 pet emergency stickers, a bonus marker pen to indicate the number of pets you own
  • ★ REFLECTIVE SAFETY STICKERS – even if the emergency happens at night, our pet safety stickers would still be visible because they are made from highly reflective materials. A beam of light from a flashlight and the rescue team will quickly detect that your pets may be inside the house.
  • ★ WEATHER RESISTANT – Our Pet Alert Fire Rescue Window Decal is UV and weather resistant and can last for up to 5 years on your door or window.
  • ★ HIGH-QUALITY ADHESIVE – pick up any of the Rescue Stickers, adjust it as you require, peel away the paper and stick them on your door or window and it will stay on for years.