Spot’s Light UV Blacklight Flashlight, Black 12 LED, Ultraviolet Pet Urine Stain Detector Finds Dog and Cat Pee on Carpets, Rugs, any Floor or Wall

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Are you away from home for long periods of time, have a puppy, older pet, an animal suffering from separation anxiety, or gets upset when you are away?
If you are a pet owner this may be you. We Love our pets but not always what happens when we are out. Wish you had eyes on the back of your head?

Spots Light instantly and easily reveals exactly where your furry friend has soiled your home. You can smell it, but actually finding it can be tricky. No more sniffing ar

  • SPOTS UV FLASHLIGHT Finds Hidden Pet Stains/Odors Fast Making Them Glow With the Power of UV Light
  • SAVE TIME-MONEY Hiring Professionals. You can DIY With Spots Blacklight Flashlight More Efficiently
  • POWERFUL AND PORTABLE LED Ultraviolet Flashlight is 3.5″ x 1.5″. You Can Take or Store It Anywhere
  • AUTHENTICATE Currency, Photo IDs, Notes, Credit Cards, Checks, Passports, and other Documents
  • MORE USES- Postal and Customs Checks, Hotel Inspection, House Cleaning, Scorpion Hunting, Auto Leaks