Succulent Planter Soil Kit – Total DIY Terrarium Supplies -Terrarium Kit for Succulent or Catcus – Create your own Terrarium With These Top Quality Supplies – Great For Fairy Gardens (Small)

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Complete Terrarium Kit: Just Need your Own Succulent or Cactus

Comes with All hard to Find Ingredients That Normally Must To bought In Bulk

Kit Includes:
Washed Pea Gravel – Don’t Buy Muddy Pea Gravel Activated Charcoal of the Highest Quality – NO DUST, Removes Toxins Organic Succulent/Cactus Soil – Handmade For Finest Quality Smooth River Rock- Mixed Lot of Exotic Shapes and Colors Bright and Colorful Sheet Moss-Add Life and Remove Moisture
Kit Instructio

  • Instructions Included – Made in U.S.A with Organic Soil – Don’t Buy kits Made outside the U.S.A
  • Kit includes – Washed Pea Gravel 120z- Organic Soil 8oz – Activated Charcoal (3×5) bag – Decorative Exotic River Rock – Decorative Green Sheet Moss –
  • Great Gift and Activity for Children – Instructions Included – with in Depth Guides on our Website!
  • Save time and Money – Avoid Buying in Bulk and Searching for Ingredients
  • Plants not Included – This Kit will work for many plant types – Made specifically for Succulents