Feliway Spray is proven to help reduce sighs of stress during veterinary visits and hospitalization or boarding you cat. Spray 8 – 10 pumps directly on carriers and bedding 15 minutes prior to introducing your cat. Larger size is convenient for...

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Comfort Zone with Feliway Spray (BOX) Reduce signs of stress associated with travel and veterinarian visitsReduce urine marking and scratchingClinically proven 95% effectiveVeterinarian recommendedDrug...

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Feliway Wipes are your solution to help you calm and control your anxious cats. Feliway Wipes use pheromones to create a natural and convenient way to calm your cat. Feliway wipes are easy to use and contain the same ingredients as Feliway spray...

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Feliway reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and the reduced desire to play or interact. Simulates your cat?s natural pheromones to help your pet cope with stressJust...

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