Make Cutting Your Dog's Nails Fast, Easy And Painless Cutting a dog's nails can sometimes be an ordeal. Most dogs are squirmy and don't like having their paws handled. But, if you have fast and effective clippers then things can be much more...

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The Exo Terra BioDrain Terrarium Draining Mesh is part of the BioDrain Terrarium Draining System. The non-toxic mesh will keep the underlying Draining Substrate separated from the decorative terrarium top-layer substrate. It also allows proper...

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Please! Before purchase measure your pet!◘ Usage: dog carrier, cat carrier, small pet carrier, travel bag, dog backpack carrier, pup bag. ◘ Extremely high quality is our philosophy. ◘ Eugene's front pet carrier is the best choice for you and...

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*Measuring Your Dog for a Perfect Fit* 1.How to measure your dog? Please check the size chart in the photo gallery above. 2.Your baby usually wears size S doesn't mean all size S will fit him/her. You looked at one size chart and found that...

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Keep your canine companion warm and dry.  Available in sizes and colors to accommodate most dogs. Sizes are measured from base of the neck to base of the tail. REFERENCE TO SIZE CHART ENCOURAGED - These blankets run larger than other brands. For...

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For pet parents who like to keep things simple, this designer leather dog collar is a must-have! Given so many choices at a time, even the experienced dog owners would find it frustrating to pick the right collar for your loved pups. At Blueberry...

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High-performance athletic boots are engineered with a Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments. Our research and development team went above and beyond to ensure that both the wrap...

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Almost 53% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese, according to surveys conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Approximately 25% of overweight dogs develop serious joint complications. And extra weight places extra...

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THE MOST IMPORTANT - Sizes of our dog jackets are the actual sizes of the jackets, please kindly measure your dog's size carefully and choose the most suitable size. If your dog's size is very very close to the jacket size(especially error <...

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COMFORTABLY WALK YOUR PET NO MATTER THE WEATHER Our all-weather harness is designed to ensure that regardless of the conditions outside, you’ll still manage to take your pet on those walks that get their tail wagging like crazy. We’ve used...

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Brand new round medium bird cage size 16D"x29H" with 3/8" bar spacing wire perfect for canaries, finches, parakeets and other small birds. It come with 1 swing and 2 perches. The cage has 1 life Up door and 2 feeder doors and 2 Cups for feeding....

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Please pay attention to the size chart before payment!Thank you!Size Chart:XS:22CM/8.66Inch(Neck) * 32CM/12.6Inch(Chest) * 17CM/6.69Inch(Length)S: 24CM/9.45Inch(Neck) * 36CM/14.17Inch(Chest) * 21CM/8.27Inch(Length)M: 28CM/11.02(Neck) *...

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The warm blanket for pets is made of 100% double-sided velvet fabrics Colors: Brown. Size: 80 X 100cm Weight: 220 g. What's in the Package? Blanket x 1 Thank you for your purchase in Allisandro. Allisandro aims to provide best pet supplies to make...

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Closure-type: Adjustment buckle and Security lock Fabric Type: Band: Double-thick nylon suture zone and Reflective Sewing Harness Lining: 30% Cotton/70% Nylon lining Size:S M L XL Size S: Neck 15-19 inch Chest 20-24inch Size M: Neck 19-23 inch...

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Height adjustable ,Convenient clean and can be easily attached to the cage with a longer screw at back , You can adjust height according to your pet's height,ofcouse for anti slide and substance, We specially suggest putting the cage bowls at...

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Transform the Way You're Running with Your Dog! If you're looking for a professional hands-free dog leash for runners that will absorb your dog's pulls and changes in direction without causing you to lose balance, your search is finally over. Made...

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LOOKING FOR DOG SLING ? TAKE YOUR PUPPY OR SMALL DOG ANYWHERE While big dogs handle long hiking trips and other adventures with ease, if you got a small dog or puppy he or she might easily get tired. But there's no reason that this must hold you...

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Reptiles and pet owners both benefit from the presence of Shale and Lava Rocks in a terrarium habitat. Pets get a natural opportunity to hide in cleverly designed rock niches, satisfying a healthy desire for coolness, privacy and protection....

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Anti-Bark Collars were improved in sensibility and lifetime. It stops barking with progressively increasing sound and shock, controlled by a microprocessor distinguishing your dog's bark from other environmental noises; most pets will quickly...

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Easy to install: 1. Connect air stone to air tube. 2. Connect air tube to air pump outlet. 3. Stick sucker onto reverse side of pump. Attach air pump onto outside wall of aquarium tank, but locate the pump above water level to avoid any possible...

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*Measuring Your Dog for a Perfect Fit*1.How to measure your dog?Please check the size chart in the photo gallery above. 2.Your baby usually wears size S doesn't mean all size S will fit him/her.You looked at one size chart and found that your dog...

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High-performance athletic boots are engineered with a Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments. Our research and development team went above and beyond to ensure that both the wrap...

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This classic pet casket contains a laced pillow and plush mattress made of elegant satin to ensure that your beloved animal companion is laid to rest in a manner that is respectful and fitting. The exterior shell is made of two-piece, high-impact...

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Breeders' Edge Oxy-Stud is a dog and cat dietary supplement that contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and all natural herbs beneficial for the unique needs of male breeding animals during peak breeding season. Important antioxidants...

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Padded Custom Dog Collars Brand name :Didog Size: XS:0.6"width,7.5-10"adjustable S:0.6"width,10-13"adjustable M:0.8"width,12.5-15.5"adjustable Material: leather Classify:Personalized dog collar Please note that we are manufacture products,price...

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SMB IIs are the best selling equine leg care products in the world. They have protected countless performance horses over the years in every imaginable event, including polo, jumping, reining, barrel racing, endurance, working cow horse and many...

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The Ascot Box by Horsemen's Pride is perfect for storing all of your horse supplies, easily stores in your tack room or barn and is large enough for all your necessities! Product Details: Measures: 17" x 12 1/4" x 11 Weight: 2.45 lbs Don't Miss...

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Check out our Custom Bright Orange Reflective VEST with Bone-Shaped "Adopt Me" Patch ▪ Rescue, Shelter and Foster-Friendly "ADOPT ME" VEST with patchwork on both sides for added visibility ▪ Perfect for Adoption Events and to feature any...

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Friends Forever® Rope Slip Leash 6 Feet, Green Premium Adjustable Rope Slip leash is perferct for training on the go. Easy to use, one size fits all. -----If you like our product, please share your experience with other customers. We welcome the...

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Excellent gift for dogs and dog lovers. Please measure your dog and have a reference before your purchase according to the size map Comfortable & fashionable: Our POLYESTER is soft, without odors. That is, with the adorable and gentle coat, never...

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Easy is the key word to describe our value-priced food dishes for reptile terrariums. The low side walls put daily nourishment within easy reach of any size reptile. Terrarium care is made easier too, thanks to a glossy ceramic finish that...

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A great solution for male dogs who have "accidents" around the house. Whether a puppy who isn't fully house-trained yet, an elderly dog with age-related incontinence, male territorial marking, or urination problems from any other cause, these...

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Item Dimensions - 9.4 inches in length; Stick diameter:0.8 inches. Package including: 1 pet bird ladder. The toy satisfies a bird's instinctual need to chew. Foraging toys require birds to think for their food. Provide balance training.Good for...

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