The bulb simulates the natural photo-environment of a desert or tropical habitat while generating a heat source needed for a healthy reptile environment. Photons from the daylight spot bulb provides a focused beam of heat and light that pass...

$8.63 as at 07:32 UTC. (Details)

Description: Round Imitation Bark Reptile Tortoise Water Dish Food Bowl Amphibians Feeding Dish Specification: Material: Natural environmental protection resin Size(DxH): 10.5x2.5cm / 4.13x0.98inch Suit For: Reptiles and Amphibians, such as...

$16.84 as at 07:55 UTC. (Details)

Fresh Air terrarium covers are designed especially for the unique needs of reptile environments. Screening promotes the healthy exchange of air needed to keep cold-blooded reptiles healthy and active, with a metal mesh tough enough to withstand...

$5.49 as at 07:58 UTC. (Details)

23L Capacity Reptile Egg Incubator New ReptiPro 6000 Digital Egg Incubator Can Heat and Cool Eggs This Reptile Incubator uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. The temperature range is approximately 36...

$159.99 as at 15:18 UTC. (Details)

Beginning pet owners and finicky reptiles alike will love Terrarium Liner. The owner simply rolls out the plush green or brown carpet and cuts to size as needed. Reptiles can thrive on the absorbent, non-abrasive material that won’t...

$5.80 as at 15:48 UTC. (Details)

A pet wouldn’t think of escaping with Fresh Air Screen Clips on the job. Each clip firmly secures a corner of the screen cover to the terrarium rim without the use of extra hardware or complex installation. Simply slip the top of the clip...

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[The Newest 2017 UPGRADE] Reptile Heating Pad Temperature Adjustable Heat Mat For Brooder with 110V US Standard Plug. This mat is suitable for use with reptiles, amphibians, hermit crabs, fish, birds, cats, dogs, rabbits etc. Specifications: ...

$9.88 as at 03:22 UTC. (Details)

Reptile Trunk Feeder Food/Water Dish Vivarium reptile trunk feeders. Quality reptile products. A brilliant way of supplying a drinking source for your reptiles, while adding a natural reptile habitat theme to your...

$7.99 as at 02:50 UTC. (Details)

Let your pets know that you are helping them live healthier and happier lives. In cold winter, a heated bed pad is a must-have for your pet to sleep comfortably at the end of the day. What about this 15W Safe Heated Warmer Bed Pad for Dog...

$25.98 as at 09:21 UTC. (Details)

Made from resin, add a lively secnery to your turtle tank. It can provide lifelike living environment for your pets to play and hide.Attractive and functional decor. Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse.A natural looking half log...

$13.99 as at 06:50 UTC. (Details)

Attention : make sure to peel off protective film on both sides of each piece before assembled. The item is split, you can assemble up it by rubber ring, it proved to be quite sturdy.Comparison of acrylic terrarium and glass terrarium Acrylic is...

$35.00 as at 22:17 UTC. (Details)

Bark Bends provide the private den all burrowing reptiles crave, while also offering a window on their fascinating behavior. Set the open sides of a Bark Bend against the side of the terrarium glass for an unobstructed view of burrowing, shedding...

$1.60 as at 02:06 UTC. (Details)

300ct Live Superworms are healthy and yummy for reptiles, birds, fish. BEST SUPERS IN THE BUSINESS. Will make your pets SUPER. They are between 2 to 3 inch long. Superworms are tropical, do not put in refrig., we pack/ship our worms LOOSE in...

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Terrarium Liner Reptile Cage Mat Carpet, 40/50-Gallon Size Tanks, Brown Terrarium Liner Reptile Cage Mat Carpet, 40/50-Gallon Size Tanks,...

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ALL NATURAL: Locally grown in California. Real branches are made by mother nature, no two pieces are alike. Each grape wood thickness and length will vary. Knots and holes are the natural part growth for each grape wood. We take pride in our...

$16.98 as at 08:54 UTC. (Details)

Description If you are seeking a spacious but sturdy room for your lovely birds, please take our bird cage into consideration. Durable wrought iron frame construction features excellent shock, rust, corrosion, tarnish resistance, which prolongs...

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Attention : make sure to peel off protective film on both sides of each piece before assembled.The item is disassembled. All you need is a small screwdriver and patience. it proved to be quite sturdy. Comparison of acrylic terrarium and glass...

$30.00 as at 13:27 UTC. (Details)

Bead Charm Bracelet supply, bead charm necklace supplies. Great Design and Quallity Compatible with Pandora, Biagi, Troll and Chamilia European...

$16.68 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

Reptile Food Dish, Petforu 2 Pack Reptile Feeding Dish Terrarium Bowls Pet Habitat Décor PERFECT FOR bearded dragon, frogs, snakes, tortoise, ball python and so on.It's the perfect size, and is sturdy enough not to flip over.TREE LINE:...

$15.99 as at 22:17 UTC. (Details)

Description:Material: PP Plastic.Effectively reduce reptiles moldy during incubation.Safe incubation, egg slot 6 groups. You can put 12 egg .Easy to clean, lattice design, easy to manage, convenient storage, repeated use.It can be hatched snakes,...

$4.99 as at 19:35 UTC. (Details)

The mini magnetic gecko feeders' magnets both inside the ledge and attached to the outside of your terrarium,  extremely strong magnet, be careful not to smash a finger. If you would like a larger feeding bowl, you can buy two magnetic gecko...

$12.99 as at 19:35 UTC. (Details)

High quality geometric terrarium, made of framed transparent glass. It is ideal for raising succuents and cacti. It is also stuitable for planting tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants. It is geometric, so it...

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Product Characteristic: 1. This black ceramic heat emitter bulb is the perfect 24 hour heat source for reptiles and amphibians, it could last 9000-15,000 hours, even longer. 2. This infrared heat lamp is no light emitted, not disturb their normal...

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Reptiles and pet owners both benefit from the presence of Shale and Lava Rocks in a terrarium habitat. Pets get a natural opportunity to hide in cleverly designed rock niches, satisfying a healthy desire for coolness, privacy and protection....

$16.39 as at 15:48 UTC. (Details)

This skull hides is extremely realistic.Made of quality food grade resin, safe for your pet; Secure hiding for reptiles and amphibians.Suitable for lizards, snakes, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, frogs , Tortoise, turtle, gecko, Iguana and other...

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Keep your pet reptile comfortable with this Aqua Culture 10 Gallon Reptile Kit. You won't want to tear yourself away when watching your pet in his or her natural-looking habitat. The see-through glass makes it easy to watch what they are doing so...

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The death of a faithful pet can leave a hole in our hearts. This customized Angel Wings Memorial Personalized LED Night Light Lamp is a lasting remembrance of a special furred or feathered friend that has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Perfect both...

$49.95 as at 08:23 UTC. (Details)

The Exo Terra Acrylic Terrarium is the ideal housing for reptiles or amphibians. Acrylic is the best transparent high polymer material currently available, the acrylic can deliver 92% light transmission rate, The Light Transmission rate of acrylic...

$39.99 as at 09:18 UTC. (Details)

Specifications: Type: Reptile Heat Mat Plug Type: US Standard Voltage: 110V Color: Black Size: 5.9"x7.1" (5W) 8.7"x9.9" (15W) 8.8"x16.6" (25W) Suitable for: turtles, snakes, lizards, Gekkonidae, small mammals, spider, crawler, etc.. Feature: Easy...

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Features: Dynamic design provides an easy and convenient operation Designed to Feed and Handle Snakes and other Reptiles safely Excellent control of Snakes and Reptiles Great for feeding live or canned insects Tweezers only,other accessories...

$6.12 as at 09:18 UTC. (Details)

The size ten desert starter kit makes an ideal beginning habitat for desert-dwelling reptiles. Each kit comes with two reflective Dome light fixtures to provide both light and heat to keep your Animal healthy. A black incandescent bulb is included...

$57.11 as at 16:20 UTC. (Details)

The Zilla Halogen/UVB Combo Fixture provides the necessary heat and UVB that most reptiles require from one source. Currently multiple fixtures are used to accomplish this dual requirement. This can overload the top of the terrarium and have an...

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Search Our Brand "OMEM", Search Our Interesting Pet Clothes and Pet Products. Size(CM): (L*W*H). S : 14.7*11*5.5CM. M : 15.5*11*5.5CM. L : 24*17*6CM . Hole: L: 4.7, H: 3.5CM. About Our Services 1.If you have any questions, please leave your...

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