QUESTION 1: Is the space ok or too small for a pinscher to be all day long? I have to bring her to work, so she doesn´t stay alone. ANSWER: You can leave favorite pet inside the whole day. Just leave a bed + some toys are you will be good....

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Finally, The Most Reliable Bentonite Clay Powder For Pets Has Just Been Released!Worrying about your pet pal and its skin allergies? Fed up with harsh dog medications that make your pet feel even worse? Looking for the most effective yet safe...

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Healthy Breeds Chamomile with Oatmeal Shampoo contains the natural botanical extracts of chamomile, cactus, and calendula along with essential fir needle oil, colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera to create the ultimate skin care experience for your...

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SIZE OF SUBSTRATE: Substrates vary widely in terms of size - everything from sands consisting of very tiny particles to larger river rocks. Large particle substrates allow more uneaten food and waste to penetrate into it leading to toxic build ups...

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Dogs can wear muzzles for many different reasons. Whether for the careful socialization of a new rescue dog, general handling or to safely manage aggression, it is important that the dog is happy and secure wearing a muzzle.Dr. Roger Mugford...

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Propose: Merbromin is used to clean small superficial Wounds. How to use: Print area to be treated with full strenght Solution. Main users: Hospitals, Nursing homes, Veterinary clinics and farm. Advantage: 1) Economical 2) Effective against gram...

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The endless search for a perfect bird toy takes us trekking to a gazillion sites, shops and catalogues. Parrot ownership entails challenges as it is not an easy task to keep our intelligent feathered friend busy and active. We all know that toys...

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Leave bales of this SunGrow coconut fiber in your bird's' cage and watch as they use it to create their own little nest. The coconut fiber is a wonderful alternative to synthetic fibers as it is completely natural and chemical free. Blue tits,...

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What's in it?Tango Champ™ Omega 3 is a pure fish oil produced from fresh sardine, herring, mackerel and anchovy from Icelandic waters. All fish are ethically sourced and our product is carefully distilled to remove all toxins.Why is there added...

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Mr. Peanut's® 32oz Dry Weight/28oz Liquid Set of 2 STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS Sourced and Produced in India from bacteria resistant Food Grade Stainless Steel for optimal durability & safety. Rust Resistant With Rubber Bottoms That Won't Slip And...

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Have you ever thought about having an almighty pet slicker brush?Now MIXIRE pet slicker brush will be your best choice.To stop embarrassed moment - Avoid ugly pet's fur on your clothes and furniture. Our pet brush can reduce up to 95? irritability...

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Safe Heated Warmer Bed Pad for Dog Cat/Reptile Pet Brown Introductions: Let your pets know that you are helping them live healthier and happier lives. In cold winter, a heated bed pad is a must-have for your pet to sleep comfortably at the end of...

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"You Can Groom & Brush Your Dog Quickly, Easily, AND Without Causing Them An Ounce Of Pain? Forget Trips To The Groomer...This Is Best, Cleanest, And Safest Way To Groom Your Dog!"*Reduce Shedding, Keep Your Dog Healthy, Brush By Yourself. Save...

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Feel confident that your prized rabbit, exotic chinchilla or adorable guinea pig is safe and comfortable in the SunGrow Natural Woven Grass Bed for Small Pets. Made with high-quality all natural materials, the fun and functional grass bed is safe...

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- OxGord a leader in pet supplies and pet care is proud to offer you our exclusive dog bike leash. Constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and hardware our telescoping dog bike leash is perfect for anyone looking to give their dog a...

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DOG's PEE; IT'S A FACT OF LIFE! Unfortunately for us, it's usually in the same spot, which can "burn" grass and leave unsightly brown and yellow spots throughout your yard. See Spot Run was specially-formulated to repair the damage caused by dog...

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Keep your home fresh and clean with TriNova's Pet Stain & Odor Remover. This powerful removal product will rid your home of a variety of trouble stains and stubborn odors: - Removes stains from both cats and dogs - Eliminates tough feline urine...

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Why u Need Our Pet Car Safe Seat BagKeep the Car Seat Clean and NO ScratchPets are like babies, should have a safe seat and a good view out of the windowThe best bed is your hand, but if it's unavailable when driving, then just keep them in this...

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Stop the Itch by Astilife is especially formulated for pets that suffer from skin allergies and other skin problems like itchy dry skin, hot spots, eczema, sores, flaky skin, ringworm and insect bites. We designed our product with you our...

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Under-Ground & Hidden Dog Fence For Effective Training By Sit Boo-Boo Build your home pet containment system in a fast and easy manner, and teach your dogs proper boundaries. Sit Boo-Boo's set of transmitter, long cord and wireless dog collars...

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If you always wanted to decorate your fish bowl, medium tank or full blown tropical fish aquarium with some easy maintenance required plants, you can now do it for a VERY low cost. This inexpensive artificial plant is the perfect long lasting...

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Fully assembled -ready to use-no missing part or frustrations to assemble carrier because carrier is already assemble for you. Lightweight Carrier, Faster Load Time, and claw proof. When you hear a click, you'll know it's locked-Trusted by many...

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8in1 Safeguard Canine DeWormer for Large Dogs, 4-Gram Safe Guard treats against Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms, and WhipwormsEasy to feed granules that mix into foodSafe for young puppies over the age of 6 weeks, pregnant dogs, and heartworm...

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Your betta has a history that is rich and as vibrant as its colors. With that being said, they deserve your care and attention. One of the best ways of doing this is by adding LUFFY Betta Balls to their tank. In addition to adding color and...

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• Our bird toy components include leather, wood (Fir) safely dyed with vibrant food coloring, 100% natural cotton rope, and STAINLESS STEEL quick link type connectors. • Birds such as Cockatoos, Parrots(including African Grey), Cockatiels,...

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SIZE OF SUBSTRATE: Substrates vary widely in terms of size - everything from sands consisting of very tiny particles to larger river rocks. Large particle substrates allow more uneaten food and waste to penetrate into it leading to toxic build ups...

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This multipurpose utilitarian aquarium ornament functions as shelter, security, privacy, entertainment and nursery for fish - all in one. Its natural composition, texture and look make fish feel in their element. The Coco Cave also affords them a...

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Premium Eco-Friendly Bamboo TweezerMade from sustainable and renewable sourcesBamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and water resistantDurable and flexible rounded tips minimize injury to delicate mouthsSlanted tips provide optimal angle when...

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Seen in Cat Fancy, Modern Cat blog and Love Cats magazines Free Gift- Free soft minky fur matNo fuss Secure Lock-Lock click so you know carrier is locked.Cat love them because they resemble cozy basket and you'll love them because they are so easy...

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You love your furbaby more than you love your luggage. At Charley's Gang, we love your pet too. This Safe Pet Kit will help you keep your pets safe. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your pets if you were in an accident or if...

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SIZE OF SUBSTRATE: Substrates vary widely in terms of size - everything from sands consisting of very tiny particles to larger river rocks. Large particle substrates allow more uneaten food and waste to penetrate into it leading to toxic build ups...

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Homdox dog carriers This dog carriers are cute colors and fun, very attractive and will be useful working around, with this pet carrier you can take her out anytime without having to carry her on one arm, the carrier is easy to put the dog in,...

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UPmagic is a manufacturer focusing on products bringing convenience for life and an easy life style. This professional pet clipper is designed to meet all kinds of clipping and trimming of your pets. This clipping features its Germany imported...

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