Become a Vet in a Busy Pet Hospital! These Petz Need Some Extra TLC! Solve 35 cases from real veterinarians. Heal 25 animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, and more! Use 40 different tools such as bandages, X-ray, and surgical instruments. ...

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Hepagen provides both canine and feline liver protection - with CurcuVET Since 1984, Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional formulation and quality manufacturing of premium nutritional supplements. Thorne Research is dedicated to...

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Manage odor in your clinic with New Professional Strength All Purpose ODORMED. Permanently neutralized bad odors and leaves behind a fresh scent. Eliminates odors of all kinds instantly including pet and human urineSafe for use on any surfaceNo...

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Professional enclosed kennel cages at unbelievable prices! ProSelect Modular Kennel Cages are the secure, sturdy way to hold pets. Each pet holding kennel is made of durable 304-type stainless steel. Each cage includes a floor grate and a...

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8-quart medium sized rubber feeder pan; ideal as a salt feeder and food mixers; with capacity markings made of real rubber for long lasting usefulness. Sized between models CR40 and CR350 feed pansCrack and crush resistantFlexible to low...

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Manna Pro Positive Pellet Medicated Goat Dewormer, 25-Pounds Positive Pellet Goat DE wormer. Animal Health SuppliesManufacturer: MANNA PRO-FARMManufacturer part number:...

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CHIWAVA Furry Little Rattle and Not Rattle Mice, Touch soft, Have assorted Color. Good to attract and entertain your cat. When your cat play it that will have a rattle sound, Make she/him be Happy. Can provide hours of fun and exercise for your...

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The Plastic Kennel-Gear Bar Mount Bowl System comes with the bowl (20 oz in size) and Bar Mount. The application is designed for mounting to bars, mesh, wire crates and solid surfaces (solid surface mounting does not require the back plate and...

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This set contains a harness with a cute vest harness and a matching colored leash. It is the most stylish way to walk your favorite pet family member. The harness and the leash are designed to walk your critters safely. The adjustable size fits...

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Your small pet will love this cute house. The log cabin gives them a quiet retreat space and provides a hiding place. This product is suitable on the corner of the cage. They would like to climb on the roof. You also can paint on it, create your...

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What is a recovery coneThe primary purpose of the cone is to prevent pets from directly traumatizing the surgical site or injured area by chewing or scratching. Although some animals initially dislike the cone and try to remove it, most quickly...

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The Hamster Heaven Metro Hamster cage comes complete with tunnels, platforms, slides, houses, exercise wheel, toilet, food bowls and drinking bottle. Made in Belgium. Solid metal cage offering enourmous space to your pet. 31 1/2x20x20 inch. Extra...

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Product Name:2 Pieces Rabbit Mats for Cages Rabbit Guinea Pig Hamster and Other Small Animal Cage Hole Mat Prevent Pet Skin Disease with 4 Fixed Tabs (Blue)Size: Rabbit Mats for Cages size 34.5 x 25 x 0.5cm / 13.6" x 9.8" x 0.2"(L*W*H). Color:...

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Zwipes Microfiber Large Pet Towel absorb up to eight times its own weight in water, quickly allowing you to dry your pet much faster than terry cloth towels. No dog can resist being fluffed with one of these ultra soft pet towels. These towels are...

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Ware Manufacturing's Small Sized Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is a great choice for promoting a fun and active lifestyle that will keep your pet happy. Your pets will love the solid running surface which is completely safe for your pets feet and...

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This handy Pet Emergency Care Card will have all the necessary information a first responder will need to see to it that your pet is safely taken care of in the event you are away from home and are injured or unconscious. It has easy to read...

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Features 1)Simple and easy image management function, reports can be printed and output. 2)Near field, far field and total gain can be adjusted separately. 3)External storage function. 4)Software is updated through U-disk. 5)Can be connected with...

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Premium Plush Soft Sherpa Pet Blanket by PetAmi ● Pamper your pet with this Luxurious Plush Soft Sherpa Pet Blanket by PetAmi. This blanket is made from soft, plush fabric and cozy Sherpa lining, ensuring your best bud will get the best sleep...

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Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals love our large steel platform scale w/ rubber mat and digital readout. Scale dimensions are 37" x 20" with a maximum capacity of 660 lbs. x 0.2 lbs. Weighing small to large animals just got easier by adding...

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The WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright helps you manage unruly pet hair and features an easy cord rewind, a folding handle for storage, 5 position carpet height adjustment, and the easy-to-clean Air-Powered Pet Hand Tool. There's no loss of...

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Since 1925, Tomahawk has been manufacturing high quality, easy-to-use traps for hunters and outdoorsmen with a wide variety of interests, including snake tongs and hooks, cat graspers, paste baits, bird and animal nets, animal control poles, fish...

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👍5 in 1 bundle includes: -Large lint remover brush-Self-cleaning base for large brush-Travel size lint remover brush -Pet Grooming glove-Pet Grooming comb 👍Large Pet Fur Removal Brush: Ingenious mini bristles sweep up unwanted...

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An Amazon Brand. An Amazon brandJumbo small-animal habitat for pet rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or other small petsIron wire upper frame and PP plastic base; large top and front openings for easy inside accessIncludes non-drip water bottle, hay...

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Vet-Kem Siphotrol Plus Fogger kills adult fleas and ticks, stops hatching eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas and prevents flea reinfestations and flea build-up. Precor IGR stops flea eggs and flea larvae from developing into adult...

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Veterinary approved items for pet first aid in a well-made camouflage kit.PROTECT YOUR PET:It's a first aid kit for pets that can handle many types of unexpected emergencies. When your pet gets injured, quickly dress the wound & bind the limb with...

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Pets love to run, play, adventure and get dirty. When it's time to get cleaned up, lather up your pet with SofiesSecret Natural Pet Shampoo that gets them smelling fresh & clean. Our natural pet shampoo is made tear free, non-toxic & soapless to...

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1. MOTINA Ceramic heat emitter bulb is perfect for Reptiles and Amphibians, Chickens and Peacocks, Heat doghouses, water wells, small spaces, as an egg incubator, brooder, and even for personal use.2. Thermal radiation source produce a kind of...

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Your cat is pure perfection, and feeding her Purina Purely Fancy Feast Natural White Meat Chicken Entree cat food lets her know how much you appreciate her. This delicious gourmet entree features pieces of real hand-selected white meat chicken to...

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The Comfy Cone is a soft, cone-shaped e-collar that helps your pets heal and recover from surgeries, procedures, allergy flare-ups and hot spots in comfort.All Comfy Cones are made with foam-backed, padded nylon that is easy to clean and is...

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The Wild Harvest team is dedicated to providing products that promote complete nutrition for your birds and small animals. Using natural ingredients, Wild Harvest provides the perfect blend of food and treats to meet the distinct dietary needs of...

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This Canine health record is the exact record we use in our own kennel, and breeding program. Canine Health Record - Keeps track of dog or pet health informationCanine, Pet health Info - Owner InformationMedical History - Deworming schedule -...

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Contains natural oils and lubricants that supports normal shedding in cats of all ages to help reduce hairballs. Apply 1/4 teaspoon of Paw-Get to your cat's paw once or twice daily. It taste so good you can even offer it right from the tube. Made...

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Kaytee Fiesta Mouse and Rat food is a nutritionally fortified gourmet diet made of a premium blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains offering maximum variety, fun and nutrition for small animals. Fiesta contains prebiotics and probiotics to...

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