The Wall Scratcher is a vertical scratcher for cats to help them keep their claws fresh and healthy. This scratcher is vertical just like your furniture and the trees cats use in the wild. Scratching is a cat's natural method for removing the old...

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Manna pro 0010553236 chick starter feed 5 lb is for all classes of poultry. formulated for the development of active immunity to coccidiosis and for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency in replacement chickens. a medicated...

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J.T. Industries bird bloomer is an easy way to eliminate bird mess. With the birdie bloomer seed guard bird owners can have cleaner healthier environments around the bird cage while getting rid of unwanted bird mess. Birdie Bloomers are made from...

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8-quart fatback bucket highly reinforced rim; handgrip on bottom; feeder sized for goats, sheep, ponies and other small animals. Extra strong, sturdy wall mount when used with w-20 (not included)Easy pouring and emptyResists cold weatherExclusive...

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A Great Treat Or Daily Diet For All Types Of Tropical Fish, Most Freshwater Fishes—Including, Cichlids, Discus, Betas and Goldfish. Bio-Pure FD is the worlds cleanest freeze-dried fish food available today. Pharmaceutical freeze-drying...

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Four Paws Dog Tie Out Chains & Cables ensure pet safety while allowing complete freedom.  These rust-proof chains are available in a variety of lengths and...

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Roll, squish bounce these soccer balls for your feline friend, they are loads of fun for your cat or kitten. Comes in a 4-packAssorted colors per-packageSponge soccer balls are soft and flexible for cats...

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ReptiTherm® U.T.H. Under Tank Heaters are an ideal 24 hour primary or secondary heat source for tropical or temperate reptilian species. All of Zoo Meds Under Tank Heaters are UL/cUL approved (GS/TuV/CE in Europe) and contain a solid state...

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5-quart mini pan for feeding and watering. thick wall construction ensures lasting durability. us and metric markings shows water and feed consumption. Economical handy feed and watering pan for larger dogsIndoor/outdoor useUp inhibitedExclusive...

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Prevue pet products extra large wrought iron flight cage black hammertone F050 a larger version of our best-selling f040 flight cage. A perfect home for parakeets, canaries or f-Inch, allow your bird room to roam in this spacious flight cage....

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This is for a SUPER VALUE 60 PACK! Get 60 capsules for the price of 48! Queen City Animals Flea Killing Capsules for cats and dogs 2 - 25 pounds contain 12 mg Nitenpyram to kill the adult fleas on your cat or small dog. Once the Nitenpyam...

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180-Degree seamless view 3-gallon aquarium with auto-color changing sumersisible LED lighting technology that combines with an air curtain to form a mesmerizing bubbling effect. It also includes Tetra' s whisper filtration for easy...

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The original dog treat maker makes healthy, delicious preservative-free treats in minutes. Perfect for small, medium and large dogs. Bake-A-Bone features allergy-sensitive recipes including wheat-free, corn-free, low-glucose, lactose-free,...

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Just the Crystals® Premium Crystal Cat Litter -- Fragrance Free and Conveniently Packaged with 2 Pre-measured 4.4 Pound Bags (Total 8.8 Pounds Per Box) Conveniently packaged in 2 pre-measured, recyclable bags, these crystals are designed to work...

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Time-release sulfa block helps to control a variety of disease-causing organisms, including salmonella, for the safety of pets and owners. Protect Your Pet From A Variety of Disease-Causing OrganismsEach turtle-shaped block treats up to...

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Tasty treats that fit in the Jolly Snack apple shaped holder molasses flavored Helps eliminate stall boredomDelicious treat for your horseEasy to refillInexpensive way to spoil your...

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With its beautiful brushed copper finish, the Copper Sip & Seed feeder is sure to compliment any backyard décor. The silos of the Copper Sip & Seed feature a patent-pending collar that twists to feature a seed opening or a water opening. This...

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The Wild Harvest Natural Chew Ball promotes fun and natural chewing instinct in your small animal. This 100% natural toy is a great way to keep small animals entertained while promoting stimulation and chewing. Natural Chew BallHelps promote...

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The Marina Slim Filter Carbon Plus Ceramic Cartridge combines activated carbon and Ceramitek in one cartridge for a healthy aquarium. The activated carbon effectively removes pollutants and odors, while the Ceramitek, a highly porous ceramic...

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Our realistic Skinneeez toys will bring out a dog's natural hunting instinct while dogs chase and flip-flop these toys all over the place. All Skinneeez are stuffing free and last longer than regular plush dog toys because there is no stuffing for...

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The Grip Soft Cat Comb is an important grooming tool for daily care of your medium or long haired cat. Combing daily helps to prevent matting and hairball formation. For best results use the Grip Soft Cat Brush to remove tangles and then follow up...

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U-Back Horse Treats These are a fun favorite. Make your own horse treats. Kids will love them - they smell so wonderful. Best of all they are fresh and your horses will love them too. This 14 ounce package of mix is all you will need. Just add...

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Wagner's Classic Wild Bird Food is blended for year round feeding and is formulated to attract a wide variety of birds. This blend of sunflower seed, millet, cracked corn, and milo will attract your favorite birds year round - in the winter when...

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The Plaza is a Pet’s dream play area. The Plaza comes with Pop Ups, Petting Pod, Stay Fit Exercise Wheel, Durable Food Dish, Wraparound Wire Wall, Lookout, Modular, Add-A-Feature Design and the Dwarf Hamster Tube especially made for extra...

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Fluker's aquatic turtle formula provides a complete diet for freshwater turtles. Ensuring that your pet enjoys a happy, healthy, long life. Comes in 3.5-pounds jar. Aquatic turtle formula dietProvide a complete diet for freshwater turtlesEnsuring...

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Oatmeal and aloe are recommended by veterinarians to effectively combat skin irritation, promote healing, and re-moisturize dry skin. Combine these natural wonders with vanilla and almond oils and your pet will smell as good as she feels and...

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FroliCat Flik Automatic Cat TeaserFroliCat Flik is an automatic teaser where a string whips in and out to excite your cat for hours of play. Watch your curious cat stalk the Flik string and try to capture it before it tucks away, out of sight....

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The Reptile Basking Spot Lamps have a unique patented double reflector that focuses 35% more heat and light into a tight beam. Ideal for use with diurnal reptiles that thermo-regulate by basking, including many tropical and desert species. The...

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Great rubber retrieving toy. Since it floats, this toy is great for use in pools or anywhere there's water FloatsTear and puncture resistantGreat source of exerciseNon-toxicMade in...

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Prevue Pet Products Featherstone Heights Victorian 294 bird cage is expertly designed to replicate the architectural style of a classic American home. This charming cage features two access doors, one in front plus one on the top, two plastic...

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LM-Farms pine pressed small animal bedding control odors. Comes in bulk pack. This product weighs 40-pounds. Pine pressed small animal bedding control odorsComes in bulk packThis product weighs...

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GloFish Aquarium gravel completes your GloFish experience and complements GloFish. This gravel is specially selected to stand out under the blue lighting in your GloFish aquarium. Simply add gravel to your aquarium, decorate with GloFish plants...

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The Green Interactive Feeder is a revolutionary way to turn you dog's meal into a challenging game. Designed like a tuft of grass, but looking like a contemporary piece of art, the desired amount of food can be scattered across the GREEN and after...

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