Enhance Visual Appeal- Aquarium decorations would add more flavor to your fish tank and also provide shelter for your fish. High Quality Material- Siger aquarium ornament is made of high quality resin, that is absolutely safe in fresh water or...

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The iPower reptile heating pad is specially designed to be used on standard glass terrarium for reptile, amphibian, small animal, or plant terrariums. Compared with other general heat pads on the market, our heat pad includes a new proprietary...

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Features:Used for water plant and daily lighting.Flexible stainless steel lamp arm, easy to rotate at any angle to put the light where you need.Clamp design, easy to install, it is good decoration for your tank.High brightness and long...

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Specifications: input voltage: ac 120-240v output voltage: 12v dc color temperature: 6500-7000k lumen: 240lm length of charger cable: approx. 120cm / 47.2in item weight: 120g / 4.26oz package size: approx. 24.5 * 7.5 * 5.5cm / 9.6 * 3.0 * 2.2in...

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Under Tank Heater, Blue Spotted Terrarium Heat Pad, Size Small, For Reptiles, Amphibians, Hermit Crabs, and Small Animals - Use With Glass Terrariums - Size Small - 6 Inch x 8 Inch. Focuses heat to desired location and is an energy efficient low...

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Aquarium Decor is made from top quality resin material, non-toxic, no smell. Resin Aquarium Decor is lightweight, but it is flat and heavy enough to stand steadily in your tank, fits for salted water and fresh water. Attention: This Fish Tank...

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Do You Keep Your Aquarium At The Proper Temperature? Temperature is an important factor of comfort and well-being to your tropical fish and pet fish. An aquarium heater is an ideal device to keep your tank at a steady warm temperature, especially...

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Important informations for you: - Our package comes with an Blue Coral Ornament and the air oxygen stone - No matter what style bubbler, its bubbles come from the fish tank's air pump, pick an air pump suitable for the size of your aquarium. So if...

$16.99 as at 19:00 UTC. (Details)

New Aqua Air Lighting The newest Aqua Air LED aquarium lighting is combining the cool smart controller, 11mm super thin unibody design. Power of 24W, 48W, 72W and 96W for choices, great for reef and planted tank. Aqua Air 600 Item No.: AA-600...

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Aquarium Lion Fish Tank Landscaping Decor Glowing Effect Animal Ornament Feature: This brand new flexible, realistic and vivid Artificial sea fish can move by water current in tank. It adds beauty and delight to your aquarium. With it you can...

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Lxyoug 165W LED Aquarium Light Lxyoug Dimmable 165W LED Aquarium Light,with full spectrum layou dimmable ability and advanced heat dissipation system, specially designed to provide perfect lighting environment for all your precious water...

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Activated carbon uses a process called chemical filtration which removes dissolved organics from your water garden. These organics can make the water yellow in color. Activated Carbon will remove colors, odors, medications and other impurities to...

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Full Spectrum would be more like natural light. Aquarium LED panel provides light that has the similar effect as the natural sunlightenergy efficient light fixture that replaces the typical single or dual tube fluorescent lights. Your fish or...

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Simple Deluxe Submersible Pumps are quality products, designed using the very latest technological developments. The pumps are suitable for use in hydroponic systems, ponds, aquariums, fountains and filter systems. ※Safest Choice - The pumps...

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This Upgraded White and Blue LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets is great for your aquariums. Not only helps plants to grow more luxuriant, but also create vivid color on your aquatic plants, increase the ornamental value of your...

$99.79 as at 19:00 UTC. (Details)

Features: 1.Enhances the aquarium's natural beauty 2.May be trimmed to desired shape and size 3.Hides water stains 4.Cover the back of your Vivarium or Aquarium, with this high quality one sided background. 5. 3D HD picture with bright colors....

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Widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms and hydroponic systems. Includes chrome air manifold, ranging from four to sixteen outlets. Cylinders and pistons are made of excellent materials, making the pump strong, durable. Convenient...

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These plastic plants are great fish tank ornaments which are made from non-toxic plastic material.The plastic plant has its own anchor base for holding it in the gravel bed. It offers the natural environment feeling and adds beauty and liveness to...

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Oiibo humidifier is perfect for pets requiring a moist environment. Our humidification system is one the key accessories for many exotic pets, and is the perfect fogger for reptile and amphibians of all kinds, including bearded dragons, geckos,...

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Homasy Submersible Water Pump 400GPH features compact, multifunctional, and detachable, perfect for Water Fountains, Aquarium, Ponds, Fish Tank, Tabletop Fountains, Water Garden and Hydroponic Systems.   Water Currents Add some circulation to...

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Grade A Butterfly Fin Koi by Blue Ridge Koi - Live Pond Fish - Highest Quality for Aquarium and Tank, Healthy and Bio-Secure - Live Arrival Guarantee (5-6 inches, Lot of 5 Fish) Why Blue Ridge Koi Quality Every spring and summer, we spend...

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Provides an excellent hiding place for fish. Anchored with a weighted base, so it will stay where it has been placed in the tank. Provides a beautiful decoration in your aquarium. A wonderful gift choice. Lifelike water plant ornament. Once it's...

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The JAL-1560 is the perfect choice for Large Home Aquarium Applications. This Bundle includes the Tank, Pump and Bottom Filtration System, as well as LED Lighting system with Touch Control, and Aluminum Display Cabinet! The easy-to-clean rounded...

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The TitanEzeDouble Aquarium Stand is a great way to share your love for your pet with all who enter your home, office, or classroom. The double shelf—one upper and one lower—can house two separate pet homes, terrariums, orfishtanks. Some of...

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Lil’ Turtles are back again with gorgeous new shell designs that will really make a splash! They are the cutest lifelike pets that move and act so real! • Your pet turtle can swim in water and walk on land – just like a real turtle! •...

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This biological preparation BESEDER is used as a remediation agent for accelerating the decomposition of organic material Biologically active enzymes and microorganisms are aimed at sanitising water environments and to treat the activation and...

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YUXIER Brand Supplier high performance-to-price ratio Aquarium Décor Glowing Coral,Glowing . New Arrival! About the mushroom: Need extra Light Made of non-toxic, colorful and vivid silicone which looks extremely realistic and natural. Size: 4'' x...

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The Best Aquarium Algae Scrubber For Your NeedsProduct Features: Fit fish tank thickness ≤ 0.2inch Product Size: 2.8inch* 1.5inch* 2.7inch( L* W* H) Rare earth magnet Double Clean Design Comfortable And Non-slip DesignWhy Do I Select DaToo...

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Aquarium Decorations Colorful Seahorse Murano Glass Figurines Artwork Nautical Fish Tank Ornaments (Color May Vary) Condition : New Handicraft Artwork Size : 2.5"(W) x 2.5" (L) x 5" (H) Type : Murano Glass Figurine Model : Seahorse Handicraft...

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