The ReptiSun® Terrarium Hoods are low profile hoods designed to hold one T8 size linear fluorescent lamp. The ReptiSun® Terrarium Hoods feature a built-in reflector which allows for deeper penetration of visible light and UVB into your...

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These plastic plants provide a beautiful decoration for your aquarium, also an good hiding place for reptile animal, which adds extra fun to play. Idea plant decoration for landscaping necessary. Can be used for climbing and decorative usage for...

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Under Tank Heater, Blue Spotted Terrarium Heat Pad, Size Small, For Reptiles, Amphibians, Hermit Crabs, and Small Animals - Use With Glass Terrariums - Size Small - 6 Inch x 8 Inch. Focuses heat to desired location and is an energy efficient low...

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Fernwood Soft Tree Fern Panels are an ecologically-friendly, non-toxic background panel made from New Zealand Tree Fern. These natural panels, also known as Xaxim tree fern panels, are excellent for use in terrariums, vivariums and 'green walls'....

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We are happy to introduce these new Carolina Custom Cages' Terrariums. They are very easy to assemble and come in 11 different models; Medium 24Lx18Dx18H, Tall Medium 24Lx18Dx24H, Extra-Tall Medium 24Lx18Dx36H, Large 36Lx18Dx18H, Large Deep...

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A FAST WORKING, NON-LUMINOUS HEAT LIGHT If the colder months or an air-conditioned environment isn't ideal for your pet or animal enclosure then a heat emitting bulb is the perfect solution. Our reptile lights look like light bulbs, but actually...

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This unit allows you to control up to 1000W with preselected temperature between 68F to 95F. Helps select and maintain consistent temperature with safety shutoff at 110F. Accurate, easy-set thermostat with status indicator. 3 power outlets and...

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Oiibo humidifier is perfect for pets requiring a moist environment. Our humidification system is one the key accessories for many exotic pets, and is the perfect fogger for reptile and amphibians of all kinds, including bearded dragons, geckos,...

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Reptile CarpetReptile Carpet is a substrate that not only looks good, but is healthier for your reptile than other alternatives.It is made of natural coconut fiber, The owner simply rolls out the plush carpet and cuts to size as needed. Reptiles...

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About us: REPTIZOO is a company focus on production of reptile supplies,already have more than ten years experience in producing reptile pet products.Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products and excellent service. Product...

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Description:Plastic-made, easy to clean and can last long.Designed with a weighted base, make it stand steadily in place.Great for landscaping your terrarium or aquarium. Lifelike plant outlook can help relieving stress for your pets, simulate a...

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Exo Terra Barrel Cactus Desert Terrarium Plant is an exact replica of its natural counterparts and is easier to maintain. The cactus replica is true in all aspects with its low to the ground and round shape. This plant offers the same advantages...

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Complete Terrarium Kit: Just Need your Own Succulent or Cactus Comes with All hard to Find Ingredients That Normally Must To bought In Bulk Kit Includes: Washed Pea Gravel - Don't Buy Muddy Pea Gravel Activated Charcoal of the Highest...

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The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is a perfect habitat for arboreal reptiles and amphibians that are sensitive to stagnant air. The non-restricted air-flow provides optimal ventilation while minimizing odors and fungus growth in your reptile's...

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Ideal for tropical and desert habitats, the bulb provides ambient heat in which most of the photons emitted by the filament never escape the dark tint, heating the air inside the enclosure to create the warmth needed for a healthy reptile...

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Reptile Heating Pad Ideal heat pad for tropical, desert, reptile pet, help reptile keep body temperature for health.Easy to use with adhesive mounting for either underneath or on side of terrarium.Simply get comfort temperature for pet. Just plug...

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We are happy to introduce these new Carolina Custom Cages' Terrariums. They are very easy to assemble and come in 11 different models; Medium 24Lx18Dx18H, Tall Medium 24Lx18Dx24H, Extra-Tall Medium 24Lx18Dx36H, Large 36Lx18Dx18H, Large Deep...

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The Exo Terra Terrarium Lock is suitable for all Exo Terra Glass Terrariums. The lock helps in the prevention of accidental opening and ensures that your contained animals will not get out to wander around freely. The Exo Terra Terrarium Lock is...

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The 12 Naturalistic Terrarium Hood includes a built-in reflector and socket for heat or UVB lamps." One socket good to 60 wattsInternal reflector for increased heat and UV outputThis hood fits all 12 wide Naturalistic Terrariums Zoo Med items#...

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The exclusive 3D naturalistic Outback background, with aboriginal artwork, was designed to simulate the deserts of Australia. The Exo Terra Outback Terrarium is the ideal enclosure for terrestrial reptiles, like bearded dragons and leopard geckos....

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Material: 3mm thick acrylicDimension(LxWxH):S - 25x15x15cmM - 30x20x15cmL - 35x25x25cmNOTE - Remove protection film before assambly.Use the rubber band to fix the parts after you assemble every part. Transparent - Easy to observe(Remove...

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Zilla Jungle Mix provides an organic and natural living environment for terrarium animals and plants. Ideal for tropical and forest habitats and perfect for burrowing reptiles. This bedding promotes breeding, nesting and egg incubation. Product...

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As artificial plants do not require nearly as much maintenance, they are far easier to take care of.Our artificial terrarium plant has the same decorative and functional benefits as live plants. However unlike living plants, they do not need...

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The Exo Terra Repti-Glo 5.0 Compact Tropical Terrarium Lamp has a moderate to high UVB output, similar to that of shady environments such as rain forests and other tropical locations. Reptiles living in these habitats receive less UV radiation...

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The Exo Terra Ficus Silk Terrarium Plant is an exact replica of its natural counterparts and is easier to maintain. The silk makes this plant very easy to clean, while the plant looks truly like the real thing with its deep green color and shiny...

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Description:Made of high grade resin, non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean, safe to use both on land or in water.Stunning decoration ornament, adding a unique look to your pets' habitat.By creating a natural living environment, it can ease pets'...

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Digital LCD Aquarium Fish Thermometer Water Terrarium Black FREE Batteries Great accurate temperature readings with this Mini Digital Thermometer which has a simple appearance, unobtrusive design and an easy-to-read LCD display The probe is water...

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Is the SunGrow Aquarium Plant safe for my pets? Safe for both aquatic and non aquatic pets, the artificial aquarium plant is made with non-toxic polyethylene plastic and soft silk leaves. The materials are easy-to-clean and disinfect, simply wash...

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Heavy Duty clips that secures screen cover on the enclosure top Strong extra security that keeps inhabitatns inside the terrarium Metal clips bend to conform to enclosure frame Easy to install in just seconds For 30 gallon and larger frames (4...

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Use Exo Terra Screen Cover Clips to help ensure Exo Terra Terrarium Screen covers stay secure. These Exo Terra Screen Cover clips are great for use with the Exo Terra Screen Terrariums Screen cover clips suitable for screen terrariums less than...

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Description: 100% Brand New, High Quality. Special bowl tub for reptiles. Applicable for lizard,spider,chameleon etc. Specifications: Material:Plastic Color:Transparent Note: There may be 1-3mm of size deviation due to manual measurement....

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Designs and Functions: 1.Professional design for amphibian & reptile's Instinctual need / desire. A must-have for beginner owners. 2.No longer need to create an extra basking land area or provide a water-to-land ramp when you have a tank. 3.The...

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